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January, 2008  2019
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Globe Gallery: 42" Coronelli GLOBE
Ulm Ptolemy
1482, Ulm

Ulm Ptolemy
World/ rare and decorative of the
first Ptolemy printed in Germany!
With dragons!
Gastaldi Vniversale
1546, Venice

World / extremely rare, influential
masterpiece of the Venetian master!
Schedel World
1493, Nuremberg

World/ with Schönsperger's 1496
extremely rare, pirated, miniature
world map on verso side!
Bologna Ptolemy
1477, Bologna

World / rare map of the
first printed Ptolemy atlas!
De Jode China Regnum,

East Asia/ China, Japan, Korea,
Far East with striking oriental scenes
and scroll work!
Etzlaub RomWeg
c.1500, Nuremberg

Europe/ unique road map for pilgrims to Rome
Münster  America
1540, Basle

America/ first printed map
of the American continents!
Coronelli America
1688, Venice

North America / on two large sheets
from the most famous
Baroque globe maker!

Miniature maps:
Schönsperger World 1496  /  
Gastaldi World  1546
Presentation and Workshop at the
 Fifteenth Annual

February 1-3, 2008
Miami, Florida, USA

Saturday, February 2, 2008
11 am - 12 am
Lecture "Introduction to Renaissance Map Printing" by  Dr. Zsolt Torok, Professor of Cartography, Eovos Lorand University Budapest, Hungary.

Lecture will be followed by map printing workshop, a small number of participants will be chosen through a drawing.

Lecture will be held in the auditorium of the Miami-Dade Public Library, just a few steps from the museum entrance.
Mercator's World
1538, Louvain

World / cosmographic heart by Mercator, only two copies are known!
in preparation!
The  42" - c. 110 cm diameter
Coronelli-Torok globe The revival of the traditional art of globe making: 
the largest and finest printed globe of the world!

  • traditional globe making method, all hand made
  • gores printed from from original copper plates
  • hand colored and decorated
  • custom made, luxury stand (c. 220 cm )
The luxury edition, custom made
Coronelli-Török 42" diameter Terrestrial Globe

is the largest traditional globe available in this world!

For availability, order or more information please,
contact the Publisher by e-mail!

GLOBUS MUSEUM in Wien re-opened on Dec 1, 2005!       .............see more here

The traditional art of cartography has been revived in the Cartart  private workshop, founded by Dr. Zsolt Török  in Budapest, Hungary. Since 1992 cartographic landmarks, historically important, highly decorative and extremely rare maps have been published here by the original technology of production. These maps are the sheets of the 'Atlas Collectus' series that we designed and publish for lovers of early maps. 

In 1996 we published the largest printed globe of the world: the new edition of the 42" terrestrial globe of Vincenzo Coronelli. We publish LIMITED EDITIONS and produce CUSTOM COPIES.

Our maps are hand printed from original woodcuts or copper plate engravings on fine hand made, archival quality paper, and are colored by hand. They are not reproductions, neither copies or facsimili- but rare and original new editions. They are FacTsimile maps.

Our works protect a part of the art of European map and globe making, a part of the World's Cultural Heritage. With your support and contribution this cultural conservation project can continue - at the same time you can have the map you always dreamed of, a piece of the traditional art of cartography, designed and made for you. We can make other custom products: survey, design, engrave and print a map of your world.  Please, contact us if you want an unique gift for yourself, your family, friends or your company!

For information on availability and order please, contact the PUBLISHER by e-mail!

We have presented special copies of our maps to:
Our maps are preserved and/or displayed in major libraries and institutions, public and private collections
in Europe, the United States and worldwide (e.g. Library of Congress, British Library, Harvard Library, Newberry Library, George Bush Presidential Library)
ThePublisher with the woodblock
Dr. Török with the original woodblock
of the Münster America 1992 edition

Security notice
We produce original maps by traditonal technology. For the all-original quality of our products their right identification is very important.
For security reason there are identification marks on every map produced in our workshop. Beyond these hidden 'fingerprints', there are clearly visible inscriptions: the name of he publisher and the date of publication can be found in the map area. Our maps are also protected by a special, non-removable, structural 'OT' watermark. You can read the word 'cartart' in the watermark. To avoid the misuse of  our prints we offer only colour copies. The custom printed maps, illuminated in our workshop are unique and we can always identify our works. If in doubt or if you need our assistance with identification please, contact the Publisher!

Munster America | Ulm Ptolemy | Etzlaub RomWeg | Schedel World | Coronelli America | Bologna Ptolemy | Mercator's World | China Regnum
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