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The RomWeg Map, c.1500
The epoch-making work of modern cartography: the most famous road map  of the Nuremberg citizen, map and compass maker, and physician , Erhard Etzlaub.

Copyright by Dr Zsolt Török, Cartart FacTsimile Publisher, 2003
(Campbell, The earliest printed maps, no.6)

The first modern road map, the first modern map of Central-Europe.
Published to guide the pilgrims of the Holy Year from remote cities to Rome, this epoch-making making map is titled The RomWeg maps. The publisher of the broadsheet was the Jörg Glockendon and the map was printed from wood block in Nuremberg before 1500.

The south oriented map shows the cities and towns in Central Europe (from Paris to Budapest) with small circles and the main rivers as well as the mountain ranges are also represented. The dotted lines indicate the major roads, the best routes from northern and eastern regions across Germany to the Eternal city, Rome. The points show distance: each dot stands for one German mile (approx. 7.5 kilometers). The first road map of the vast continental region is highly reliable. The map was specially designed to be used with the small travelling sun compas, a navigational aid shown below the map. This is why it is oriented to the south and Europe is 'upside-down' for the modern reader. 

From the different editions of this once popular and useful map only ten copies have survived. There is only one copy of the first edition, so we reproduced the original state of this milestone map.



Technique: relief printed from hand cut woodblock
Edition limited to 99 copies

Sheet size: 520 x 640 mm
Map size: original
Paper: special hand made, archival quality, deckle edged
Watermark: two OT- diagrams and  cartart label. Can not be removed.
Color:  colored by hand according to contemporary color key, described in the 'Register'
Copies are individually  numbered and blind stamped.
Copies are decorated with solid gold.
Custom coloring  available to request. 

Additional extras:

On verso: 
The compass maker with coat of arms of Etzlaub. Woodcut, handcoloured.

Enclosed is the relief printed 'Register' sheet, 
the description and the instructions on the use of the road map in old German!


The map is  available.
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Special copy was donated to 
the collection of the Reformed Church College (Debrecen, Hungary) in 1994.


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where the traditional map and  globe making art has been revived.