2.3 Curriculum: Professional subjects

CodeSubject1. semester2. semester3. semester4. semester5. semester6. semester7. semester8. semester9. semester10. semester
TR-x14Map drawing and technology0+40+40+41+31+31+30+21+3
TR-x16Photogrammetry and interpretation2+22+21+2
TR-117Introduction to cartography2+1
TR-x18General map studies2+02+2
TR-x19Project and design of maps2+21+40+3
TR-x20Map projections2+22+21+1
TR-x21Thematic cartography2+11+2
TR-x22Computer aided design1+31+32+20+20+22+2
TR-x23Map history2+02+0
TR-224Geographic names2+1
TR-825Environmental protection2+0
TR-926Urban planning2+0
TR-827Topographic map systems2+0
TR-x29Atlas cartography1+21+2
TR-x31Special college2+04+0
TR-x32Independent research/diploma0+40+10
(The numbers in the columns of subjects show the weekly number of theoretical and practical classes.)

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