List of the Seas

The Central Ocean
Includes Atlantic, Indian, Pacific and Arctic Ocean.
Canadian Archipelago Sea
Bays and sounds among the islands of the Arctic part of Canada. Includes Hudson Bay.
Baltic Sea
Mediterranean Sea
Includes Tyrrhenian, Adriatic and Aegean Sea. Not includes Marmara and Black Sea.
Marmara Sea
Black Sea
Sea of Azow
Caribbean Sea
Includes Gulf of Mexico.
Maracaibo Bay
Red Sea
Persian Gulf
Andaman Sea
South China Sea
Indonesian Sea
Includes Jawa Sea, Banda Sea, Bali Sea, Flores Sea. Not includes Molucca, Sawu, Seram and Celebes Sea.
Seram Sea
Molucca Sea
Celebes Sea
Sulu Sea
Philippine Sea
East China Sea
Sea of Japan
Sea of Okhotsk
Bering Sea