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Greetings Maphisters :)

I see that we have moved to the ISHM list server. I hope this means that
active discussion on maps is back again.

I am in the process of finalizing the bibliography for my book and I have a
citation dilemma that I need help with.
There are two versions of Harley’s “Deconstructing the Map.” Both with the
same name but the second version in Writing Worlds is revised, expanded,
and the wording is different in places. I need to cite both versions and my
question is how best to do this given that Harley used the same name for
both the articles. Do I say: “Deconstructing the Map” (a) and
“Deconstructing the Map” (b) ? This looks very odd in footnotes and the
dilemma is magnified with the bibliography.

I am hoping that others have run in to this issue before and that someone
has a solution for this vexing footnote and bibliographic issue.

So far for the bibliography I have:
"Deconstructing the Map." Cartographica 26:2 (1986): 1-20. 2nd rev. ed. In
Writing Worlds: Discourse, Text and Metaphor in the Representation of
Landscape. Edited by Trevor Barnes and James S. Duncan. London: Routledge,
1992, 231-47.

But this bibliographic citation does not help me with the footnote dilemma.

Many thanks in advance!
I hope everyone is enjoying summer vacations.

Karen Pinto
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