[ISHMap-List] CFP: (Re)Producing the North: Space, Knowledge, and Maps, Berlin, December 2014

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(Re)Producing the North
Space, Knowledge, and Maps
Research project “Negotiating Space, Arranging the Land”
Second Workshop, December 5-7, 2014, Berlin, Germany

Call for Papers

This is the second workshop of the multidisciplinary, international network of
researchers interested in the cultural and historical importance of mapping in the
Nordic Countries. It continues the first meeting in Oslo, December 2012, now
focusing on how maps were used to categorize space and nature, to represent
topographies and landscapes, on interpreting maps as a social construction.

This time, we will ask how maps and cartographic practices (re)produced, challenged
and changed the knowledge of Europe´s Northern periphery. How did term and
concept of the North change along with the development of maps? Which effects had
increasing knowledge on the design of maps? How did maps draw the line between
knowledge and nescience – and, as may be the case, to what extent did the North
symbolize unknown space? We welcome especially contributions on the North
Calotte and the Arctic as regions that were latecomers in modern mapping and
changed their design more substantially in the course of centuries than regions
further south. There is no restriction to certain historical periods.

Maps and mapping should not be treated as mere illustrations or auxiliary means, but
as sources of (alleged) knowledge and subsequent action. Moreover, this workshop
is not so much interested in contributions based on a wide definition of maps as all
kinds of spatio-geographic conceptions (as found in travel literature, political debates
etc.), but rather in contributions on concrete hand drawn or printed maps and their
respective interpretation. Beside the workshop`s specific questions described above,
there will be time to discuss the methodological challenges, gains and limits of using
maps as historical sources.

As the workshop is interdisciplinary, we invite papers from historians, geographers,
cartographers, and other researchers interested in the historical, cultural and political
importance of maps and mapping.

The papers should not exceed 20 minutes in speech. Proposals should include
name, affiliation, email address, title of the papers, and an abstract of no more than
100 words. The deadline for proposals and abstracts is August 31, 2014.
Limited funds for reimbursement of travel expenses and accommodation are

Abstracts can be sent to Prof. Dr. Ralph Tuchtenhagen, Nordeuropa-Institut,
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Unter den Linden 6, 10099 Berlin,
rtuchtenhagen at web.de

Workshop Organisers:

Professor Ralph Tuchtenhagen, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
PhD fellow Marie-Theres Fojuth, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Professor Erling Sandmo, University of Oslo

More information soon on the workshop's website at:


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