[ISHMap-List] Mixed Roman and Arabic Numerals in old map dates

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Wed Mar 8 22:31:57 CET 2017

 Dear ISHMappers,
I am looking at two digital reproductions of wall maps, both printed from plates originally engraved in the 1570s, but with dates changed clumsily by hand, and changed with numbers which are partially Roman and partially Arabic..
One is a map of Asia (in the James Ford Bell Library, Minneapolis, call no. B1560 fCa; cited in David Woodward, 'The Four Parts of the World:  Giovanni Francesco Camocio's Wall Maps." (Minneapolis, 1997), p.  9).  It was originally engraved in the Venice shop of Camocio ca. 1573-74 (?), but it is redated 1579, written thusly:  MDLVVV4.
The other is of Europe (in the Correr Museum Library, Venice, call no. Cartografia cartella 32, no. 4; cited in Rodolfo Gallo, 'Carte geografiche cinquecentesque a stampa della Biblioteca Marciana e della Biblioteca del Museo Correr di Venezia' (Venice, 1954), p. 34, no. 4*.  It too was engraved in Camocio's shop, ca. 1572-73 (?), but is redated 1585, written thusly:  MD8V.
These two "hybrid" dates, MDLXXV4 and MD8V are, to my memory, the only two such I have ever seen.  I would be very grateful if anyone on our list who has seen others would inform me of it/them.

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