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Dear members of International Society for the History of the Map (ISHM) and
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This thrice-yearly journal with articles on maps, the history of
cartography, and exploration is the only journal of its kind in the
Americas.   Below is information on the Fall 2016 issue recently published.
See http://www.washmapsociety.org/TPJ2.htm  for details on ordering the
current or past issues of "The Portolan".  That link also takes the reader
to the contents list of all back issues and an index to those issues.  The
focus of the society and the journal is not solely Washington; topics are
widespread in scope. 


ISSUE 96  (Fall 2016)
Issue 96 (Fall 2016), consisting of 80 pages, was published in July 2016
and is in distribution to all paid subscribers and members in good standing
of the Washington Map Society.  Copies are available for purchase.


CHAS LANGELAN tells the story of Henry B. Looker - 1890's surveyor, soldier
and mapmaker who established much of today's American capital.  JAY LESTER
proposes the Mouzon map of the Carolina's is mis-attributed. GEOFFREY MARTIN
gives the background of his monumental book about the roots of American
geography and geographers. RYAN MOORE introduces readers to Eugeniusz Romer,
whose 1916 'Atlas of Poland' was the country's cartographic declaration of
independence.  JAMES GOODE continues a series highlighting treasures in the
Albert H. Small Collection of Washingtoniana.  Three books are reviewed. And
there is more. 



"The Portolan" is published three times per year; issue 97 is due for
release in late November 2016.



CONTENTS OF ISSUE 96 - Fall 2016

"Henry B. Looker - 1890s Surveyor, Soldier and Mapmaker - Transformed
Washington DC" by Chas Langelan    

"Mouzon's ghost writer, or, the true Author/Compiler of the "Mouzon" map of
the Carolinas" by Jay Lester

"On the History of the Book... American Geography and Geographers: Toward
Geographical Science" by Geoffrey Martin 

"Poland's Cartographic Declaration of Independence: Eugeniusz Romer and his
1916 Atlas of Poland by Ryan J. Moore 

"The Albert H. Small Map Collection, Part 3", by James M. Goode


This regular feature, a bibliographic listing of articles and books
appearing worldwide on antique maps and globes and the history of
cartography, is compiled by Joel Kovarsky. 



%20Century%20AD%20-%201564%20(Reviewer:%20Bert%20Johnson)> The Pre-Siege
Maps of Malta: 2nd Century AD - 1564 (Reviewer: Bert Johnson)

 <http://mountain-press.com/item_detail.php?item_key=694> The Mullan Road -
Carving a Passage through the Frontier Northwest, 1859-1862 (Reviewer: J.C.

 <http://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/the-sea-chart-9781844863143/> The Sea Chart -
The Illustrated History of Nautical Maps and Navigational Charts - 2nd
Edition (Reviewer:  Chuck Ashman)



1.     President's Summer/Fall 2016 Letter

2.     Washington Map Society Meetings:  September - December 2016    

3.     Exhibitions and Meetings

4.     Letters to the Editor

5.     Map Site Seeing 

6.     Ristow Prize Competition 2017

7.     WMS Annual Business Meeting, April 2016, by Hal Meinheit       

8.     WMS Annual Dinner, May 2016, by Thomas Sander 

9.     The WMS Website, by Leigh Lockwood     

10. Cartographic Meetings in Lisbon, Portugal - June 2016, by John Docktor 

11. Cartographic Notes, by Thomas Sander

12. Spotlight on the WMS Membership - Jonathan Potter, Fred Shauger, Tom




CHUCK ASHMAN is a specialist dealer in antique nautical paper artifacts
including sea charts, port plans, maritime prints, and nautical ephemera.  

JOHN DOCKTOR is past-president of the Washington Map Society.

JAMES GOODE, the author of several books on the history of Washington, D.C.,
has been the curator of the Albert H. Small Washingtoniana Collection since

BERT JOHNSON is a past president of WMS and a frequent reviewer in "The

JOEL KOVARSKY, proprietor of The Prime Meridian: Antique Maps & Books, is
the author of the 2014 book "The True Geography of Our Country: Jefferson's
Cartographic Vision."

CHAS LANGELAN, professional land surveyor, practiced more than 40 years in
Maryland and DC, operating a busy survey office on Capitol Hill before
retiring in 2008.

JAY LESTER, a founder of the William P. Cumming Map Society, focuses
primarily on maps pertaining to North Carolina.

LEIGH LOCKWOOD is Webmaster of the Washington Map Society

GEOFFREY MARTIN, considered to be the foremost historian of American
Geography, has been Archivist of the American Association of Geographers
(AAG) for more than 30 years.

J.C. McELVEEN is a retired lawyer and map collector who has used maps in a
number of his own cases.  

HAL MEINHEIT is Secretary of the Washington Map Society.

RYAN MOORE is a Cartographic Specialist at the Geography & Map Division of
the Library of Congress. He has an interest in maps from World War I and
maps of Korea.

THOMAS SANDER is editor of "The Portolan".


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SPECIAL NOTE:  Due to extensive travels, the office of the Portolan Editor
will be closed from August 3 through September 18, 2016. Emails will be
monitored, but replies may be delayed. 


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