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Dear All:

Here is an interesting conference of interest to many of our members …


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> Call for Papers Reminder
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> 2017 Great Plains Symposium: Call for Papers
> Lincoln, Nebraska | Innovation Campus | March 30-31, 2017
> “Flat Places, Deep Identities: Mapping Nebraska and the Great Plains”
> Are you considering presenting your research at the 2017 Great Plains Symposium? You should!  Here's why:
> The Symposium will bring together people committed to understanding how our knowledge of, even how we experience, the Great Plains is shaped by the vast spaces, mapping, and a sense of place. Who uses “maps” and “place”? Literary scholars, cartographers, historians, remote sensing experts, writers, geographers, artists, farmers, environmentalists, community planners ... the list goes on and on, with fascinating variations and originality.
> Participants will examine maps and the mapping of our region, from earliest historical maps to present digital cartography and remote sensing, from Pawnee star charts to cadastral surveys.
> “Maps,” “mapping,” and “place” also serve as metaphors, so you are invited to consider the myriad ways in which they shape all aspects of how we see and understand the Great Plains. For example, relevant questions include how place and mapping are used in or influence identity and culture, economy and society, agricultural practices, natural resources, environmental issues, business strategy, art and creative expression, literature of place, social relationships, politics and social movements, “deep mapping,” and any other ways in which concepts of mapping and place are revealing and useful. We invite your proposal on any of these topics for a paper presentation, round-table discussion, workshop, chain-reaction panel, lightning-round session, or other format.
> Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to showcase your work and get helpful comments and ideas back! If your paper is accepted for presentation, it will be considered for publication in thematic issues of Great Plains Quarterly or Great Plains Research. Your proposal must be received electronically by Friday, October 14, 2016. Visit our 2017 Symposium web page <http://unl.us11.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=bb646b5f4883a2042f1ac1541&id=faabb90842&e=b163a66981> to download the Call for Papers submission form.
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Matthew Edney

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Osher Professor in the History of Cartography (USM)

Director, History of Cartography Project (UW)

See http://www.oshermaps.org/edney

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