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Dear ISHmappers,
Here is the updated call for paper for a conference in ALBI (south of France), about maps of the world, 17-18 october 2016 (deadline 1st february).
This conference is part of a seminar organized in Paris about the famous mappamundi of Albi.

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Chargée de recherche-CNRS
Cartographie et représentations de l'espace au Moyen Age
LaMOP (UMR 8589) - Université de Paris I

Call for papers : On the scale of the world. The map: a cultural, social and political object, from Antiquity to thepresent day. The MappaMundi of Albi is one of the oldest extant maps of the world. It wasmade  during the eighth century in the Southof France or Northern Spain. The map is preserved in a manuscript of miscellaneouscontents, which includes a scheme ofthe winds and other geographical texts of late Antiquity and the early MiddleAges. The manuscript  has always formed partof the Library of the Albi Cathedral: it now belongs to the collection of themédiathèque Pierre Amalric in Albi. Despite of its importance in the history ofcartography, it has never been studied in detail and within its context ofproduction.   Recently (October 2015), the map was registeredin the Register for the Memory of the World of UNESCO, acknowledging theimportance of this very rare document for the history of humanity. To mark thisevent, the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), the University ofAlbi and the Comité Français de Cartography (CFC), are organizing a two-day conferencein Albi, on the  topic of cartography “onthe scale of the world” from Antiquity to the present time. The questions arising from the study of worldmaps are numerous : why represent the entire world, and does the ‘world’ meanthe terrestrial globe or just its inhabited part ? What kind of knowledge isused to form the world image ? What information is selected ? What is thepurpose and the audience of such maps ? What is the cultural, social andpolitical background of these geographical images ? The conference will allow historians andgeographers to compare their understanding of the diversity of representationsof the world throughout the ages and the use and meaning of such maps. This event is part of aseminar organized in Paris-Sorbonne : Laboratoire de MédiévistiqueOccidentale de Paris (CNRS-UMR 8589) : Geographicalculture and representations of the world during the early Middle Ages (threestudy days : 8 et 22 January, 18 March 2016, see http://cartogallica.hypotheses.org/1385 ).  The conference will take place in Albi, on 17-18 October2016. The first day will consider Antiquity and the MiddleAges, the second day will enlarge the discussion to representations of theworld in modern and contemporary maps.  Please submit apaper proposal, with title, short CV and 250-300 words abstract to this address: colloquemappamundi at listes.univ-jfc.fr Deadline : 1stFebruary 2016. Coordination : Emmanuelle Vagnon, SandrineVictor, Thibault Courcelle Scientific committee :   
   - Jean-Marc Besse
   - Jean-Louis Biget
   - Geneviève Bührer-Thierry
   - Thibault Courcelle
   - Jocelyne Deschaux
   - Denis Eckert
   - Catherine Hofmann
   - Emmanuelle Vagnon
   - Sandrine Victor

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