[ISHMap-List] News from you about maps and map people please

Sarah Tyacke styacke at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 23 12:36:47 CET 2015

Dear ISHMappers and users of the list,
                                                         Some of you may
look at the ISHMap website sometimes and see the news. However  it needs
lots more map news!!! which you can put up yourselves if you like. Its very
easy or send to me or to Merve Arkan ( m.senemarkan[at]gmail.com) our
secretary if you are not a member yet... We hope you will become one of
We also have a Twitter account run by Gilles Palsky and  a Facebook Account
run by Dvaid Derzsneyi. Please follow or send info if you wish. The team
are all here to encourage you to use  ISHMap. Don't forget the Symposium in
Lisbon 3-4 June.
All the best for those of you enjoying the festivities of Thanksgiving.
Sarah Tyacke
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