[ISHMap-List] 1474 Benincasa atlas (re)discovered

Tony Campbell tonycampbellockendon at gmail.com
Tue May 26 16:58:26 CEST 2015

Anton Gordyeyev has (re)discovered in Kiev a 1474 portolan atlas by 
Grazioso Benincasa, signed from Venice.  It is housed in the Vernadsky 
National Library of Ukraine, Manuscripts Department. Its provenance has 
been traced back to about 1780, although the calendar was annotated in 
Italian, around 1700.

The atlas had been referred to, very briefly, in a Russian-language 
publication of 1899, but had been lost sight of by researchers 
thereafter and had not, apparently, been mentioned in any portolan chart 
essay or census.

No comparison has yet been made with the equivalent atlas in Budapest - 
Magyar Memzeti Muzeum, Fol. Ital. 8 [Cod. Lat. Medii Aevi 353] - but a 
few small differences have already been noted.

For the details so far available about the Kiev atlas see:


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