[ISHMap-List] XV Century Beinecke MS 408. A map on f86v?

Joel Kovarsky joel at theprimemeridian.com
Thu Jan 22 17:02:41 CET 2015

On 1/22/15 9:26 AM, Bert Johnson wrote:
> For those interested within reasonable travel distance, the Voynich 
> manuscript is now on display at the Folger Library in Washington, DC, 
> through 26 February as part of an excellent exhibition entitled 
> "Decoding the Renaissance:  500 Years of Codes and Cyphers."  Among 
> other things, it tell about the unsuccessful efforts of the US 
> cryptological genius William Friedman and his wife Elizabeth (also a 
> cryptologist) to break the Voynich code.  Friendman is the man who 
> broke the Japanese Purple Code in World War II and had many other 
> successes, but they were never able to break the Voynich.  More on the 
> exhibit can be found at http://www.folger.edu/template.cfm?cid=4887

A recent post on ExLibris-L led to a blog by Lisa Fagin Davis on this 
. Dr. Davis is currently Executive Director of the Medieval Academy of 
America. The blog does not specifically deal with cartographic 
issues/speculations, but has a lot of visuals and a good bit of 
background information.

       Joel Kovarsky

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