[ISHMap-List] 2nd EuroSDR Workshop on the Preservation of the Geographic Production Process

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Tue Oct 28 12:32:37 CET 2014

2ndEuroSDR Workshop onthe Preservation of the Geographic Production Process

 The next meetingof the EuroSDRworking group is planned for Monday afternoon December 1standTuesday morning December 2nd at GhentUniversity (Belgium). Itwill be followed immediately by the meeting of theInternational CartographicAssociation (ICA) commission on Map Production at GhentUniversity(Tuesday/Wednesday) and the ICA commission on the History ofCartography(Thursday/Friday), both addressing the influence of war on(the evolution of)map production technology,  and the Brussels Map Circleinternationalconference on Saturday (Mapping in times of War) (http://geoweb.ugent.be/histocarto2014/).


By clusteringthese meetings in oneweek, we aim to make it more efficient for interestedparties to join allevents in one week, and as such to draw more participants toall events (moretime efficient, reduced travelling costs, 
) and as such toinvoke cross-breedbetween the different working groups. The EuroSDR workinggroup will focus moreon the organizational aspects (future), on a framework forfuture cooperation,and will leave the more ‘detailed’ practical examples ofpreservation projectsto the meetings later that week.


It is thereforethat we would liketo invite you to our 2nd EuroSDR Workshop onMonday 1stof December (from 11:00 onwards*) and finishing in themorning of Tuesday 2ndDecember. We foreseethat the outcomesof our discussions can be integrated in the program of thefollowing ICAsymposium, to get by this channel also a wider audience.


We would like tostart the morningwith a few presentations from network-specialists on fundingand other umbrellaorganizations with whom we could potentially join ourefforts with


- people involvedin  EU-funding (we have already differentcontacts);

- people involvedin  DARIAH-network (Thorsten Ries, UGent)

- people involved innew-technologies and virtual musea (we will present someexamples but will be happy with contributions and ideas coming from you also);

- Prof. ElriLiebenberg of the ICAcommission on history of maps.


We would alsolike to invite you tocome-up with national or regional initiatives, ideas,networks throughwhich we could join forces (also potential web-fora).


The 2ndhalf of the firstday we would like to use how to substantialize ourintentions andopportunities, (as well as the further design of ourweb-platform?), virtualmuseum, 


More informationwill be publishedsoon on http://geoheritage.ugent.be. Please register before 23rd November: we inviteyou to send an emailconfirming your participation at philippe.demaeyer at ugent.be (with  rink.kruk at ngi.be in cc), towhich you can send also your proposals of presentation oractive input.

Participationon the workshop on Preservation of the GeographicProduction Process is free (Monday December 1stand commonclosing/opening session on December 2nd).Thereports of our workshopare also to be found on http://geoheritage.ugent.be.


The meeting onMonday 1stwill be at Ghent University, campus Sterre, Krijgslaan 281,building S8, 9000Ghent, at a walking distance of 15min from the main railwaystation (2 minwalking if you take the bus at the station), practicalinformation will be sendto participants.


If you areinterested to participatealso in participating in Cartography in Times of Wareand Peace(December 2nd till 5th), pleaseconsult http://geoweb.ugent.be/histocarto2014/ (inscription, payment instructions etc.)

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