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as Presents (D'Anville map of China)

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Dear Joel,

As you might know, I dedicated more then 40 years of my life to  
research on the history of the Russian-Chinese boundary formation. So  
I know from original sources the real history of the Chinese Empire's  
territorial expansion. So the D'Anville map of China is much more  
objective then the modern Chinese history text books.

I had published three books on this theme and a few papers, some of  
them in English, and I became in a way a persona non grata with my  
Chinese colleagues although they did not published anything opposing  
my views.

Please, find below some references on my publications.

Постников А.В. История географического  
изучения и картографирования Сибири и  
Дальнего Востока в XVII – начале XX века в  
связи с формированием русско- 
китайской границы / Под общ. Ред. Б.В.  
Базарова. – М.: ЛЕНАРД, 2014. 384 с. ISBN  
978-5-9710-0699-2  (Postnikov A.V. Istoriya geograficheskogo  
izucheniya i kartografirovaniya Sibiri i Dal’nego Vostoka v XVII –  
nachale XX veka v svyazi s formirovaniem russko-kitayskoy granitsy [A  
History of Geographical Exploration and Mapping of Siberia and Far  
East (XVII – beginning of XX c.) connected with the formation of the  
Russian Chinese Boundary]. Ed. B.V. Bazarov (Moscow: LENARD, 2014) 284  

Постников А.В. Из истории первого  
английского посольства в Бутан и Тибет  
(1774-1775 гг.): Джордж Богл и его  
«Меморандумы». – М.: Международный  
центр Рерихов, ИИЕТ РАН, Мастер-Банк,  
2012. – 512 с., ил. (Postnikov A.V. On the History of the First  
British Embassy in Bhutan and Tibet (1774-1775): George Bogle and His  
Memorandums. (Moscow: International Center of the Roerichs, Master  
Bank, 2012), 512 pages, ISBN 978-5-86988-241-7.

Postnikov A.V.  Skhvatka na “Kryshe Mira”: politiki, razvedchiki i  
geografy v bor’be za Pamir v XIX veke.[New enlaged and improved  
edition] (Moscow: “OOO ID RIPOL klassik, 2005), 512 p.,ill.:

Postnikov A.V.  Stanovlenie rubezhey Rossii v Tsentral’noy i Sredney  
Azii (XVIII-XIX vv.) Rol’ istoriko-geograficheskikh issledovaniy i  
kartografirovaniya. Monografiya v dokumentakh. [Russia’s boundaries  
Formation in the Central Asia (XVIII-XIX centuries): Role of  
Historical-Geographical Explorations and Cartography. Monography in  
documents.  (Moscow: “Pamyatniki istoricheskoy mysli, 2007), 462 p.,  
22 maps.

Postnekove A.W. Afghanistan and The Pamir dispute. Translated by M.  
Tahir Kani. (Münich: Verein sur Forderung der Afghanischen Kultur E.V,  
[2005]) . [Translation into Pushtu of the book Postnikov A.V.   
Skhvatka na “Kryshe Mira”.../next in this list/].

Postnikov A.V.  Skhvatka na “Kryshe Mira”: politiki, razvedchiki i  
geografy v bor’be za Pamir v XIX veke.[New enlaged and improved  
edition] (Moscow: “OOO ID RIPOL klassik, 2005), 512 p.,ill.
Postnikov A.V.  Skhvatka na “Kryshe Mira”: politiki, razvedchiki i  
geografy v bor’be za Pamir v XIX veke (monografiya v dokumentakh).  
(Moscow: “Pamyatniki istoricheskoy mysli, 2001), 416 p., 8 sheets of  

With best regards,


Alexey V. Postnikov (Full Professor, Doctor of Science)
Director "IMAGO MUNDI" International Journal on the History of  
The Honorable Scientist of the Russian Federation
International Academy of the History of Science (Paris)
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Institute of the History of Science and Technology
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