[ISHMap-List] Distinguishing between loose leaf maps from 1513 and 1520 Ptolemy

Ron Hekier ronhekier at gmail.com
Sun Jun 29 20:10:54 CEST 2014

Many thanks to those that approached me off the list.   I provide
their responses below for the benefit of the group and future visitors
to the mailing list.

In my opinion the investigation of watermarks holds great promise for
identifying maps from early atlases, presuming that the early atlases
were printed in relatively low numbers and utilized only one source of

My copy of the Holy Land map reportedly from the 1513 atlas and not
the 1520 atlas has a watermark that appears similar to a fleur-de-lis.

An image of the watermark on my map can be found at

On a related note, there are two other Ptolemy atlases for which loose
leaf maps are difficult to distinguish.  Those of the 1482 and the
1486 atlases.

On my Holy Land map purportedly from 1486, I find a watermark that
appears to be a daisy.

Below I append the helpful comments I received via email.

Is the paper watermarked - that may give you a decision one way or the other

Tom O'Loughlin


With regard to your posting on ISHM regarding the 1513 and 1520

Ptolemys, may I ask whether your map is hand-colored? If so, I may be

able to shed some light on it, as I am engaged in a study of the

coloring in hand-colored copies of the 1513 Ptolemy.

Best wishes,

Chet Van Duzer


Dear Ron Hekier,

In Nordenskiöld´s collection there are only two maps of that edition
in Doria database.

We have the edition in the National Library of Finland.

Here is the link of two leafs.



Anna-Maija Pietilä-Ventelä

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