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Sat Jan 4 17:13:41 CET 2014

Dear Colleagues,
my new book on Fra Mauro's world map is now available: "Fra Mauro's 
World Map: a History" (Imago, Rimini-Bologna, 2013)


- Introduction
- The Work and its Author
- The Creation of the Map
      I. Some Preliminary Issues
      II. The Earliest Mentions of the Map
      III. Giambattista Ramusio
      IV. The “Ethiopian” Maps and Arab Geography
      V. New Questions
      VI. A Portuguese World Map?
      VII. Evidence of the Influence of Fra’ Mauro’s Geography
      VIII. An Important Document in the Portuguese Archives
      IX. Marco Foscarini and Antonio Galvão
      X. The First Scenario
      XI. The Second Scenario
      XII. Conclusions
- The World Map since 1460
- The Geography of the World Map
      I. Sources
      II. Nicolò de Conti and Marco Polo
      III. Ptolemy
      IV. Water and Land
- The cosmological notes
      I. The Number of the Heavens and Astronomical Distances (upper 
lefthand corner)
      II. The Theory of the Tides and Land Masses (upper righthand 
      III. The Earthly Paradise (lower lefthand corner)
      IV. Theory of the Elements and the Inhabitability of the Southern 
Regions (lower righthand corner)
- Text and images
- Notes
- List of Illustrations
- Bibliography of Works Cited

Piero Falchetta (http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piero_Falchetta)
Marciana National Library, Venice (Italy)
falchetta at marciana.venezia.sbn.it
piero.falchetta at gmail.com

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