[ISHM] ISHM Membership Registration

Zsolt Török zoltorok at ludens.elte.hu
Sun Dec 4 19:51:20 CET 2011

Dear ISHM List Member,

Great news: we had a succesful Founding Meeting on December 1, 2011 
and the new Society has beenestablished in London.

We are delighted to announce the new, international learned society for map
history  -- and at the same time the new ISHM website at:


You can already register online on the website above,  so we invite you all
to fill in the membership registration form. Please, note that all those who 
join the Society this year will be Founding Members (how it was promised you
in the Survey form). We hope that all of you, who were interested in the project 
and has been with the founders will join ISHM.

It takes some more time to arrange online payment and we ask for your patience
until we can announce the PayPal link.

Thank you very much for the assistance and contribution of those who helped us 
founding the society. We are committed to develop the new society and would 
appreciate your continuing interest and contribution to its future activitites.

Please, contact us if you would like to work for the community of ISHM.

Best regards,

Zsolt Torok

ISHM Chair

                     Dr. Zsolt Győző TÖRÖK, Assoc. Prof.  
Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics, Eötvös Loránd University
              H-1117 Budapest, Pázmány P. sétány 1/a, Hungary
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