12th International Conference
on Orienteering Mapping

21 August 2007, Kiev (Ukraine)


PHOTOS: Conference - Exhibition

Mike Dowling, Australia
Lachezar Iliev, Bulgaria
Valentin Kamenarov, Bulgaria
Petr Hranicka, Czech Republic
Radek Novotny, Czech Republic
Finn Arildsen, Denmark
Flemming Norgaard, Denmark
Kell Sonnichsen, Denmark
Jukka Liikari, Finland
Erik Peckett, Great-Britain
Chi Kin Lee, Hongkong
Freddy Leung, Hongkong
László Zentai, Hungary
Sergio Grifoni, Italy
Håvard Tveite, Norway
Wojciech Dwojak, Poland
Christer Carlsson, Sweden
Peo Bengtsson, Sweden
P-O Derebrant, Sweden
Thomas Gloor, Switzerland
Gian-Reto Schaad, Switzerland
Hsia Fu Chen, Taiwan
James Liu, Taiwan
Ferhan Karaca, Turkey
Tatiana Kalenderoglu, Turkey
Orest Kotylo, Ukraine
Michael Schuh, USA



The IOF Map Commission welcomes you to the 12th International Conference on Orienteering Mapping that will take place in conjunction with the World Orienteering Championships in Kiev, Ukraine. The conference has become a traditional biennial event where map makers from around the world discuss and share information about the latest: mapping standards, techniques and developments in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.
We are convinced that the 12th ICOM will live up to the successes of its predecessors. The programme has been arranged to make it possible for you to take part in the public races and other important events.
The Map Commission would like to focus on generalisation in the 12th ICOM, but are also soliciting presentations on other topics of interest to the world’s community of orienteering mappers.
The map exhibition will also focus on generalisation, so we are looking for maps of complex terrain that requires a lot of generalisation.
Suggestions for both topics and presentations are welcome. Please send your proposals to IOF Map Commission, Flemming Hjorth Jensen (fhj@kms.dk) before 1 July 2007. If you are suggesting presentations, please specify both the title of the presentation, the presenter, and a brief synopsis of the presentation.
Once again, the IOF Map Commission welcomes you to Kiev, Ukraine and we look forward to meeting you there.


The conference will take place in Kiev. The exact location will be published at the IOF Map Commission Web Site. We are aiming for a location close to, or at the suggested hotel for IOF delegates and guests.
If you send an email to fhj@kms.dk you will be informed directly about the location in Kiev.

Tuesday 21 August 2007
9:00-10:00: Registration.
10:00: Conference opening.
10:00-13:00: Presentations.
13:00-14:00: Lunch.
14:00-19:00: Presentations and discussions.
19:00: Closing of the conference.

The programme will be published at the IOF Map Commission web site when it is ready and
on Sunday 15 July at the latest.

The participation fee is 10 euros, which should be paid upon registration. The fee covers the conference cost (the coffee breaks are included, but the lunch is excluded. Applications deadline is Sunday 29th July 2007 and should be sent by e-mail to the IOF Map Commission ICOM responsible:
Flemming Hjorth Jensen

We suggest that you consider the WOC hotel offerings.