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Dear Students,

as I have previously informed you, in case you live in one of the dorms you
will not be required to move out from the dormitory, it's only a
possibility in case you leave for home without high risk of the spread of
the corona virus in your home country. Before travelling home please
contact the Embassy of your home country. Travelling to another country is
not NOT ADVISED, in case of returning to Hungary you will be forced to the
relevant measurements of the Government of Hungary.
Please note, due to the ongoing change of the emergency situation in
Hungary we cannot predict the duration of the online course attendance, all
courses are only available online until further central official
notfication, all information will be forwarded towards you via Neptun AND
via e-mail.

In case you decide on travelling home, please notify me until 30 March 2020
(indicated deadline determined by the Operational Regulatons of TPF).
Please also note, due to the emergency situation there is also online
administration available at Quaestura Office, for further details please
study: https://qter.elte.hu/Hirdetes.aspx?hirdetes_id=34
In case of further questions please contact me via e-mail.

Best regards,
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