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Dear Students,

I've received further enquiries in connection with the following topics,
I'm sending information below, in case you still have further questions
please contact me via e-mail. I'll collect the questions regularly and send
you my reply in compiled notifications, like as follows.

- as there is only online administration until further notification, please
be available via e-mail and Skype, check your e-mails regularly to reach
the updated notifications
- please send me your Skype connection and phone number via e-mail as soon
as possible

- There are no exceptions under the online attendance, because Hungarian
authorities still do not make pre-testing, you can only get tested in case
you have symptons and even if your test would be negative for once there is
no guarantee for not getting infected after checking. These measurements
are taken into effect for our common protection.
- Online classes will be held according to your timetable until further
- As the examination term will begin on 18 May 2020, noone can predict,
whether the exams will be also online or not.

- travelling - in case you feel safer at home - is not forbidden, you can
book your flight tickets, but please previously contact your embassy.
- according to the Rights and Regulations of TPF you are allowed to travel
for 30 days without the termination of your scholarship status until
further official notification from TPF concerning III.6.d)
III.3. Further Obligations of the Scholarship Holders
6. The scholarship holder is required to stay habitually in Hungary during
the training period as follows:
a) The scholarship holder's continuous private stay outside Hungary may not
exceed 10 working days per training period.
b) In case the intended stay abroad for private purposes exceeds 10 working
days but does not reach 30 days within a semester, it is the host
institution’s responsibility to authorise the absence.
c) The stay abroad for private purposes referred to in paragraphs a) and b)
shall not entail withdrawal of the support.
d) Abroad stays of more than 30 days per training period are subject to
institutional authorisation, in accordance with Section 45 (2) c) of the
Higher Education Act, may only be allowed in cases of childbirth, or in the
event of an accident, illness or other unexpected reason beyond the own
fault of the scholarship holder.
- as we cannot predict the phase of the emergency state, please continously
check your e-mails and follow the news, whether you will be allowed to
enter Hungary when you come back
- in case your residence permit is valid, you do not have to request any
new documentation from the embassy

- we are still waiting for the official notification from TPF whether
students moving out from the dorm because of the emergency state will be
entitled for the accommodation allowance
- before moving out please consider, in case you stay at the dorm, you can
reach medical help more easily than living alone in a rental placement, of
course you have to take in account the bigger risk of the spread of the
virus in a common place

- in case you detect any symptoms of the corona virus or any other health
problem, please contact Dr Zsuzsanna Szanitrik (GP of the university) via
e-mail (please always put me in copy in order to follow your case), inform
her about your symptons and also history of your travels of the previous
- in emergeny cases please contact the National Ambulance Service at call
number 112 (https://www.mentok.hu/en/), inform them about your symptons and
also history of your travels of the previous months

- 24 hourse medical emergency service at weekends and on bank holidays:
SOTE - Department of Transplantation and Surgery - 1082 Budapest, Baross
utca 23-25., phone number: +36-1-267-6000
- dentist: Semmelweis University, Department in Community Dentistry -
Budapest, Szentkirályi utca 40., phone number: +36-1-317-6600,
+36-1-317-0951, e-mail: fszoi at dent.semmelweis-univ.hu
In case of further questions please contact me via e-mail.

Best regards,
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