[StipHu] information about the measurements of the Operative Coordinating Body

Veronika Kiss k.vera0412 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 08:57:20 CET 2020

Dear Students,

I hope you read the information guide you have received via Neptun
concerning the current few days and the next week.
I received some enquiry about travelling abroad, so let me advise you to
consider the following:
- the operative coordinating body's measure about travelling is: University
are not allowed to travel abroad during the Rectoral break and the Spring
break. Students are requested to stay at their residence, if possible
- even if you leave the country, due to the ongoing change of the emergency
situation, we cannot predict whether wou will be allowed to enter another
- there is also no guarentee for being able to enter Hungary when you come
- in case you come back, you will surely be required to quarantine yourself
for two weeks
- before deciding to travel home, please consult with your embassy about
the current situation and ask for their advise whether they suggest you to
travel home or rather stay in Hungary
- in case you decide on travelling home, please notify me as soon as

About the dormitory: in case you stay in Hungary, the main rule is that you
will be accommodated in the dormitory you are living now, a few students
will be moved to another accommodation, they will be notified about it by
the dormitory leadership. In case you travel home, please ask after the
storage of your packages and other belongings from the dormitory staff or
from Mr Tibor √Āgotai via dormitory at elte.hu .

As all lectures and practices will be online available from 23 March 2020,
regardless you travel home or leave to another country, in order to fulfill
the requirements of the subjects and obtain a grade you will be required to
attend the online classes.

I understand that this situation is not comforting and rather stressfull
for all of you, all of us, in case you have any uncertainty in questions
concerning the measurements and the steps required to be followed, please
contact me via e-mail as soon as possible.

Best regards,
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