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Dear Students,

a short summary of the mail last evening:

1. Please do not travel if possible: considering which journeys are worth
the risk to take part spreading the epidemic.

2. If you have travelled or were in contact with people affected in being
on epidemic affected territory, please stay in home-quarantine for 2 weeks.

3. If you live in the dormitory, please inform the Head of the Dormitory
about your situation and travel history/meeting affected people history.

4. If you do not come to the university because of the above mentioned
reasons, please inform by e-mail your coordinator and your professors. Give
the reason, and the period of your quarantine. In this case your absence
will be proved.

Please find below a more simple description of the relevant points.

Best regards,

A bit detailed relevant points:

1. If you have been to countries heavily affected by the coronavirus
disease (China, South Korea, Northern Italy, Iran) or you have been in
direct contact with people who had been there within two weeks prior to the
time of contact, you are obliged to stay in home-quarantine for two weeks
from today on (until 19 March 2020).

 2-3. If you took part in courses held by the Institute of Biology and the
Institute of Chemistry in the framework of the pharmacist training of
Semmelweis University (SE) stay away from University buildings and events
for 14 days.

ELTE cancels the ELTE classes of Semmelweis University's pharmacist
training taught in English for indefinite period from today.

4. If you are affected in points 1 or 2 and having accommodation in student
residence halls, you must report this to the Head of the Dormitory
immediately – in order to be accommodated separately if necessary.

5. Follow the recommendations of the university website:
https://www.elte.hu/en/coronavirus. (Further on: https://koronavirus.gov.hu).

6-8. 11. Please send an email to the lecturer of your course, and inform
your coordinator if you start a preventive voluntary quarantine at home, or
has been taken into an official quarantine. Please declare the reason and
the timeframe of your absence and - if there is such - the negative result
of their virus-test. Your absence from the courses will be in this case
proven. (the absence must not be counted as part of the amount of allowed
absence according to the Academic Regulations for Students 66. § (1) point

9. The replacement of the cancelled educational activities (lectures and
seminars) and students' reporting obligations will be dealt later taking
into consideration the trends and timeframe of the disease.

14. Typically, the expenses of the pre-booked journeys are not refundable,
the costs of the cancelled events cannot be accounted in tenders and
projects. We advise university citizens to take these points into account
when considering which journeys are worth the risk.

 15. We remind the university citizens to comply with the sanitary
measures, including the avoidance of the community when sick.

16. Send your suggestions, remarks and questions regarding the affection of
the new coronavirus on university life to the jokt at elte.hu e-mail address.

5th March 2020, Budapest

ELTE Epidemiological Operative Coordinating Body
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