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Dear members of International Society for the History of the Map (ISHM) and
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This thrice-yearly journal with articles on maps, the history of
cartography, and exploration is the only journal of its kind in the
Americas.   Below is information on the Winter 2017 issue recently published
and mailed.   See  <http://www.washmapsociety.org/TPJ2.htm>
http://www.washmapsociety.org/TPJ2.htm  for details on ordering the current
or past issues of "The Portolan".  That link also takes the reader to the
contents list of all back issues and an index to those issues.  The focus of
the society and the journal is not solely Washington; topics are widespread
in scope. 


ISSUE 100 (Winter 2017)
Issue 100 (Winter 2017), consisting of 92 pages, was published in November
2017 and is in distribution to all paid subscribers and members in good
standing of the Washington Map Society.  Copies are available for purchase.


PJ MODE explains why map lovers should care about persuasive cartography and
accept these as the important maps they are.  LEAH THOMAS looks deeply at
the maps of Sir Robert Dudley.  JEFF STONE explores the use of
newspaper/magazine maps during the Cold War period. WES BROWN identifies a
cartographic curiosity on early maps of Colorado.  BERT JOHNSON reflects on
the activities at the July 2017 ICHC in Brazil.  On the occasion of its
100th issue, LEIGH LOCKWOOD considers the importance of "THE PORTOLAN" to
the growth and worldwide reach of the Washington Map Society.  LEIGH also
explores the map world in social communications and digital communication.
Winners in the 2017 Ristow Prize competition are announced, there are five
book reviews, and more.



"The Portolan" is published three times per year; issue 101 is due for
release in early March 2017.



CONTENTS OF ISSUE 100 - Winter 2017

""Not Maps At All" - What Is Persuasive Cartography? And Why Does It

by PJ Mode

"Beauty and Commerce: Central Africa and Virginia in Sir Robert Dudley's
'Arcano del mare'" by Leah Thomas 

"Air Age News Journal Maps as Historical Sources" by Jeffrey P. Stone 

"A Mystery Lake in Southern Colorado" by Wesley A. Brown 

"ICHC 2017 in Brazil - an after-action report" by Bert Johnson

"Social Media and Digital Communication for Map Wonks" by Leigh Lockwood

"The Portolan issue #100 and the Washington Map Society" by Leigh Lockwood


This regular feature, a bibliographic listing of articles and books
appearing worldwide on antique maps and globes and the history of
cartography, is compiled by Joel Kovarsky. [This is Joel's final compilation
- and the journal relates the thanks of several frequent users of the
feature.  Leah Thomas succeeds Joel.]



 <http://www.brill.com/products/book/early-dutch-maritime-cartography> Early
Dutch Maritime Cartography (Reviewer: Dick Pflederer)  

 <http://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674972117> The New Map of
Empire: How Britain Imagined America before Independence (Reviewer: Richard

ence-atlas> Frederick de Wit and the First Concise Reference Atlas
(Reviewer: Ed Kirsch)

Picturing America - The Golden Age of Pictorial Maps (Reviewer: Cassandra

 <https://www.birlinn.co.uk/Scotland-Mapping-the-Islands.html> Scotland -
Mapping the Islands (Reviewer: Marianne McKee) 



1.     President's Winter 2017 Letter

2.     2017 Ristow Prize Winners Announced

3.     Washington Map Society Meetings:  November 2017 - May 2018   

4.     Exhibitions and Meetings

5.     Map Site Seeing 

6.     Ristow Prize Competition 2018 

7.     Cartographic Notes, by Thomas Sander

8.     Spotlight on the WMS Membership - Jocelyn Coulon, Ben Olshin, Don

9.Tributes and Thanks to Joel Kovarsky, Compiler, Recent Publications,




RICHARD H. BROWN, a collector of maps and views of the French and Indian War
and American Revolution, is vice chairman of the Norman B. Leventhal Map
Center at the Boston Public Library and serves as a councilor of the
American Antiquarian Society. He is co-author, with Paul Cohen, of
"REVOLUTION: Mapping the Road to American Independence, 1755-1783", reviewed
in this journal's issue 95 (Spring 2016).

WESLEY BROWN co-founded the Rocky Mountain Map Society in 1981. He has been
an avid map collector for 40 years specializing in early world maps and maps
of the exploration and development of Colorado and the west. 

CASSANDRA BRITT FARRELL is Senior Map Archivist at the Library of Virginia
in Richmond.  

BERT JOHNSON is a past president of WMS.  He is a regular attendee is ICHC

ED KIRSCH is a collector of 16th century maps and reads as much on the
subject as his law practice will allow. He reviewed "A World of Innovation -
Cartography in the Time of Gerhard Mercator" in issue 95 (Spring 2016) of
this journal.

JOEL KOVARSKY, proprietor of The Prime Meridian: Antique Maps & Books, is
the author of the 2014 book "The True Geography of Our Country: Jefferson's
Cartographic Vision."  For ten years he has compiled material for "Recent
Publications".  His last compilation appears in this issue.

LEIGH LOCKWOOD is Webmaster of the Washington Map Society.

MARIANNE McKEE, the co-editor of "Virginia in Maps", is a past President of
the Washington Map Society and a Portolan contributor.  She served for a
number of years as the Map Specialist at the Library of Virginia.

PJ MODE is a recovering lawyer who has been studying and collecting old maps
for almost 40 years. For more about his background and how he came to
collect persuasive cartography, see
https://persuasivemaps.library.cornell.edu, "About the Collection - A
Personal Statement."

RICHARD PFLEDERER is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of "The
Portolan". He is the author of "Finding their Way at Sea", the "Commentary"
accompanying the recent facsimile edition of the Andrea Benincasa Atlas of
1476 and several reference books on the subject of portolan charts. 

ED REDMOND, President of the Washington Map Society, is with the Geography
and Map Division, Library of Congress.

THOMAS SANDER is Editor of "The Portolan".

JEFFREY STONE holds a PhD in Transatlantic History from the University of
Texas at Arlington and specializes in the history of cartography.  His
study, "Mapping the "Red Menace":  British and American News Maps in the
Early Cold War Period, 1945-1955", won the 2008 Wolfskill Prize for
outstanding dissertation.  He currently teaches history at Texas Wesleyan
University in Fort Worth, Texas.

LEAH M. THOMAS is Assistant Professor of English at Virginia State
University in Petersburg. She earned her PhD in the interdisciplinary
program Media, Art, & Text at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she
studied the intersection between cartography and literature of the long
eighteenth century. 


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