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This thrice-yearly journal with articles on maps, the history of
cartography, and exploration is the only journal of its kind in the
Americas.   Below is information on the Winter 2013 issue recently
published.   See http://www.washmapsociety.org/The-Portolan-Journal.htm
for details on ordering the current or past issues of “The Portolan”.  That
link also takes the reader to the contents list of all back issues and an
index to those issues.  The focus of the society and the journal is not
solely Washington; topics are widespread in scope. 


ISSUE 88  (Winter 2013)
Issue 88 (Winter 2013), consisting of 72 pages, was published in December
2013  and is in distribution to all paid subscribers and members in good
standing of the Washington Map Society.  Copies are available for purchase.


BILL WOOLDRIDGE and MARIANNE McKEE introduce three Virginia mapmakers who
have gotten little attention. HARRIE TEUNISSEN claims little attention has
been paid in studying the Holocaust using contemporary maps; his article
describes how this can be done.  SCOTT KRAMER traces the story of a group of
phantom islands in the Pacific Ocean – from discovery to erasure from the
map. BERT JOHNSON describes activities last July at the biennial
International Conference on the History of Cartography. RALPH EHRENBERG
remembers the late Dick Stephenson.  The 2013 Ristow Prize honorees are
identified. Three books are reviewed.  And there is more.



"The Portolan" is published three times per year; issue 89 is due for
release in March 2014.



CONTENTS OF ISSUE 88 – Winter 2013

“Trouble in Mapland:  The Absconder, the Debtor, and the Affabulateur
(Frederick Bossler, Samuel Lewis, and John Francis Renault)”, by William
Wooldridge and Marianne McKee

“The Holocaust in Contemporary Maps”, by Harrie Teunissen

“Erased from Maps: A Cartographic History of the Margaret’s Islands”, by
Scott Kramer

“ICHC 2013 in Helsinki – An After-Action Report”, by Bert Johnson

“Remembrance – Richard W. Stephenson”, by Ralph Ehrenberg      


This regular feature, a bibliographic listing of articles and books
appearing worldwide on antique maps and globes and the history of
cartography, is compiled by Joel Kovarsky. 




Ancient Perspectives: Maps and Their Place in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece,
and Rome
<http://press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/chicago/A/bo13107150.html>  (The
Kenneth Nebenzahl, Jr., Lectures in the History of Cartography) (Reviewer:
John Hessler)                     

A History of the World in Twelve Maps
?A_History_of_the_World_in_12_Maps_Jerry_Brotton>  (Reviewer: Richard

Envisioning The World - First Printed Maps, 1472 – 1700
62>   (Reviewer: William A. Stanley)  



1.  Washington Map Society Meetings, January – May 2014

2.  President’s Winter 2013 Letter, by J.C. McElveen

3.  2013 Ristow Prize Winners Announced

4.  Exhibitions and Meetings

5.  Map Site Seeing

6.  Passing of Gary North

7.  Ristow Prize Competition 2014

8.  Library of Congress Exhibits Rare Abel Buell Map of the US from 1784, by
Tom Sander 

9.  Map Conference October 11-12, 2013 at Winterthur, by John Docktor

10.  Spotlight on the WMS Membership – Frederik Muller, Josef Ruth,
Elizabeth Welles

11.  Letters to the Editor

12.  Cartographic Notes, by Thomas Sander





JOHN DOCKTOR is past president of the Washington Map Society.


RALPH EHRENBERG is Chief, Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress.


JOHN W. HESSLER is Cartographic Reference Specialist, Geography and Map
Division Library of Congress and Curator, Jay I. Kislak Collection for the
History of the Early Americas. Among his many writings are “The Naming of
America – Martin Waldseemüller 1507 World Map and the ‘Cosmographiae
Introductio’”, and, with Chet Van Duzer, “Seeing the World Anew – The
Radical Vision of Martin Waldseemüller’s 1507 & 1516 World Maps.” 


SCOTT KRAMER received his master’s degree in Japanese history from the
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa.  He is currently writing a book-length
manuscript on the discovery and colonization of the Bonin Islands


A graduate of the Catholic University of America School of Library Science,
MARIANNE M. MCKEE retired in early 2005 from the Library of Virginia, where
she worked full-time since 1982 and with the map collection since 1987.


RIXHARD PFLEDERER is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of “The
Portolan” and is a frequent contributor to the journal.  He is the author of
several reference books on the subject of Portolan charts, the latest
“Finding Their Way at Sea: the Story of Portolan Charts, the Cartographers
who Drew Them and the Mariners who Sailed by Them.”


THOMAS SANDER is editor of “The Portolan”.


WILLIAM A. STANLEY is Retired Chief Historian, National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Owner of Cartographic Associates,
antique map and print dealer.


HARRIE TEUNISSEN was Assistant Professor in Theological and Historical
Pedagogy at the University of Amsterdam.  This article is a slightly
condensed version of a presentation given at the international workshop
‘Geography and Holocaust Research’.


WILLIAM C. WOOLDRIDGE is a longtime member of the Washington Map Society and
contributor to “The Portolan”.  He has given cartographic history
presentations at Colonial Williamsburg, Old Salem and the Virginia Forum,
and is the author of “Mapping Virginia:  From the Age of Exploration to the
Civil War”.  


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