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Dear members of ISHM and readers of postings to the ListServ of the
International Society for the History of the Map:


The 55th Annual Meeting of the Society for the History of Discoveries (SHD)
will be held 30 October to 2 November 2014 in Austin, Texas.  Preliminary
information of the meeting is at


The second CALL FOR PAPERS, attached and repeated below and linked at
http://www.sochistdisc.org/2014_annual_meeting_call_for_papers.htm asks for
submission of proposals not later than 11 April 2014.

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Thomas Sander

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Society for the History of Discoveries

55th Annual Meeting

October 30 - November 2 2014

Austin, Texas, USA




The Program Committee of the Society for the History of Discoveries invites
those wishing to make a presentation at the forthcoming meeting of the
Society in Austin Texas to submit a proposal to the chair of the committee
at their earliest convenience: matthews at iwu.edu (Prof. James Matthews,
Chair, French and Italian, Illinois Wesleyan University, Bloomington IL
61702-2900, USA / 309-556-3571).


The deadline for submissions is April 11, 2014.


The committee welcomes proposals from SHD members, scholars, and the general
public that address the following areas of interest: 


.             in light of the special exhibit of the recovered ship of Sieur
de la Salle, La Belle displayed at the Texas State History Museum during our
meeting, all areas of French exploration and French mapping of the United

.             all aspects of geographical discovery, mapping, and
exploration of Texas and the American Southwest,

.             aspects of geographical discovery, mapping and exploration of
general interest.


Because of the association of this meeting with the Texas State History
Museum exhibition of La Belle, special consideration will be given to
presentations related to French exploration, but we will make a place for
all papers of high quality, regardless of geographical orientation.
Presentations related to maps and mapping are also especially welcome.
Presenters are understood to be or to become members of the organization.


The SHD paper sessions will begin on Friday, October 31 and will conclude
mid-day on Saturday, November 1. Individual sessions, including follow-up
questions are limited to 30 minutes.


Proposals are due April 11, 2014 and should include:


.             the title of the presentation

.             the author's name and address, including email address and

.             an abstract summarizing the paper's scope and conclusions.
(Maximum of 500 words)

.             a statement about the originality of the contents of the
paper: how much is new, unpublished material, based on research in primary
sources, etc.

.             a statement whether the presentation will include presentation
media or digital audio recordings

.             a brief biographic sketch of the author(s)


SHD welcomes submissions from graduate students, the best of whose work will
be organized into special sessions preceding or during the meeting. A
stipend of $500 will be awarded to three outstanding submissions to help
with travel to and accommodations in Austin.


The audience at SHD meetings is diverse and includes academics and members
of various professions. All are especially interested in the processes and
consequences of geographical exploration and discovery. Presenters are
encouraged to use images (maps, paintings, photographs, etc.). For the
benefit of the audience all visuals have to be presented as PowerPoint


The committee will place particular emphasis on those papers intended for
submission to the Society's journal, Terrae Incognitae.


With warmest regards,


James D. Matthews, Chair

Program Committee

matthews at iwu.edu 


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