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Open PhD Position: One Medicine - One Oncology

The Geographic Information Visualization and Analysis group at the University
of Zurich invites applications for a PhD position in Geographic Information
Science and Geovisual Analytics to work on a new 3-year interdisciplinary
research project, under the auspices of the UZH/ETHZ Collegium Helveticum. The
highly motivated successful applicant will be asked to systematically
investigate the spatial patterns of tumor incidences in cats and dogs in
Switzerland (1955-2008) by means of geovisual analytics, coupled with
exploratory and inferential geostatistics, keeping the comparison with human
tumor incidence in mind.

Applicants are required to have successfully completed a Masters degree in a
relevant area, e.g., geography, (geo)statistics, health sciences, etc. You are
particularly interested in quantitative analysis of health-related data, and
already have a solid training in quantitative (geostatistical) methodologies
for geospatial analysis. You bring programming skills (or a willingness to
develop these), and are confident in, for example, writing scripts to perform
multiple analyses. You have a proven ability to work independently on
projects, and are interested in presenting your results orally and in writing
to a larger scientific audience. You have a good standard of written and
spoken English and knowledge of German, whilst not required, would be an

The position, housed in the Geography Department, and associated with its
GIScience Center, will start September 1st 2013, or as soon as possible
thereafter. The project is in collaboration with Collegium Helveticum Fellows
Andreas Pospischil (Professor at the Institute of Veterinary Pathology at the
UZH Vetsuisse Faculty) and Kay Axhausen (Professor at the ETHZ Institute for
Transport Planning and Systems). For more background information about the
research group, please visit us on the Web at http://www.geo.uzh.ch/giva or
direct any informal enquiries about the position to Sara Irina Fabrikant,
Email: sara at geo.uzh.ch.

Apply digitally with a statement of interest including evidence of prior work
in (geo)statistical analysis, a current curriculum vitae and transcripts, and
the names and contact information for at least two references in a single PDF
document to Ms. Lisa Büschlen, Email:lisa.bueschlen at geo.uzh.ch (subject:
Oncology PhD Position). Review of applications will begin June 1st 2013, and
will continue until the position is filled. 
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