The System of Undersea Features

This is a WWW-document that gives a multi-level system of the undersea relief of the world.
In my system I divide the world ocean in 23 seas. The limits of these "seas" are significant relief forms. For example, the Atlantic Ocean is not a "sea" in this sense, because the border of the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean cannot be defined as a significant relief feature. The Philippine Sea is a "sea", because its borders can be defined as relief features (Philippine Islands, Mariana Ridge).
One of these "seas" is the Central Ocean that includes Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Arctic Oceans. This covers more than 90 procents of the world ocean.
The seas are divided in three basic forms. These are continental shelf, continental slope and deep-sea bottom. The continental shelf is present in all seas, but the continental slope and the deep-sea bottom lack in some seas.
Each of the basic forms is divided in regions. There are about 500 regions, and these regions cover the total surface of the oceans. The Central Ocean is divided in superregions. Each superregion consists of one or more regions.
This WWW-document lists the names of the undersea features of each region. In some cases, these names are listed in a geographical succession (for example north to south), in other cases they are listed in alphabetical order. I give the names in different languages.
List of the seas

András Dutkó-Mátyás Márton: STANDARDIZATION OF UNDERSEA FEATURE NAMES GUIDELINES PROPOSAL FORM TERMINOLOGY English/Hungarian Version Bathymetric Publication No. 6

Dutkó András-Márton Mátyás: Tengerfenék-domborzati képződmények neveinek egységesítése