Important events of the Department of Cartography (1999)

X. -
András Dutkó Ph.D. student studies at the Faculty of Arts of Universidade do Porto (Portugal) until July 2000.

X. 26.
István Klinghammer was elected the President of Eötvös University.

IX. 6.-
Ralph Bartusch (Technische Fachhochschule, Berlin) guest student.

IX. 1.
We have to limit access of our webpages.

VIII. 26.
On the TOP 1000 weblist in the category of education we became a leader (for some days only).

VIII. 18-23.
GEO '99 meeting in East-Slovakia and West-Ukraine organized by HUNGEO. Verebiné Fehér Katalin takes part.

VIII. 9-14.
Jesús Reyes in Canada (Department of Geography, Concordia University, Montréal, Quebec). Conference organized within activities of the "Cartography and Children" Working Group: DISCOVERING BASIC CONCEPTS: "Exploring how Elementary Children can discover Concepts Basic to the Understanding of Maps and their Usage for Inventory, Analysis and Discussion". Presented paper: "Hungarian Web in Teaching of Cartography for Children"

VII. 12-16.
Zsolt Török takes part on Conference of Map History in Athens.

VII. 7-28.
László Zentai spends three weeks in Karlsruhe (Tempus project).

VII. 3-7.
István Klinghammer takes part on the emeritus celberation of Prof. Ulrich Freitag (Freie Universität, Berlin) in Berlin. Mr. Klinghammer takes presentation: "Cartography - is it a science?"

VI. 30.
In the frame of Tempus it is published the lecture notes of László Zentai: "Computer aided cartography".

VI. 28.
Burial ceremony of Füsi Lajos.

V. 31.-VI. 20.
Zsolt Török and József Szekerka spend three weeks in Karlsruhe (Tempus project)

V. 28.-VI. 1.
Tempus (closing) meeting in Debrecen. Our participant is László Zentai.

V. 27.-V. 28.
Jesús Reyes shows presentation in Keszthely, on the Pannon Agricultural University, on the Georgikon-Média '99 conference.

V. 10.
Johannes Honterus memorial meeting: presentation of Zsolt Török

III. 31.-IV. 2.
On the National Student Science Conference in the GIS-cartography sections our students Pál Madarassy and Antal Guszlev Antal got 4th position in Debrecen.

III. 1-31.
Kuszálik József student (Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca) spends 1 month in our department.

I. 19.
International Maps on MassMediaMaps

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