International Workshop on MassMediaMaps
Budapest, January 16-19th


1st session Reports on progress since the MMM Conference, Berlin 1997.
2nd session What are MassMedia?
Do we have to consider radio and internet with regard to MassMediaMaps?
3rd session Concepts/issues in inforgraphic cartography
Types of MassMediaMaps
4th session Qualitative and quantitative attributes of MassMediaMaps as basic approaches and research elements (analysis)
5th session Who are the makers of MassMediaMaps?
Relations between cartographers, infographicians, graphic services and journalists in European countries (formation, relevance, activities)?
Should weather maps be made by cartographers?
6th session Experiences in research on functions and social impact of MassMediaMaps in different media
Suggestions concerning efficient or improved methods/procedures/parameters to research real functions and real social impact of MassMediaMaps in different media
7th session Previous MassMediaMaps use: what about MassMediaMap use since the 19th century?
Development and changes of MassMediaMaps and their background
8th session Future development of MassMediaMap use: indications, assumptions, evidences
Where and when will we meet again?