8. Presentation of the contents of the digital basic map

8.1. Standard presentation

It is a fundamental standard version of the presentation of the database DAT contents, when as a result of the drawing a map work of traditional system, structure and form, but reflecting the contents and spirit of the DAT is produced.

The standard presentation is carried out according to the Statutes F.7. for making the EOTR large scale basic maps in force at present or to chapters treating the presentation of the map of a version to be modified following the publishing of this Statutes. Besides according to this standard the following main rules are to be applied (these are mostly of alternative though in few cases exclusive effects as to the relative items of the Statutes F.7.):

a) Base of mapping system: National Uniform Map System

b) Projection system: National Uniform Projection System

c) Scale:

d) Sheet line system:
In the case of 1:1000 and 1:2000 scale maps: according to rules of the EOTR, of national system. In the case of 1:10 000 scale index map: according to rules of the EOTR, by settlements The sheet system of removed frame is not supported by this standard.

e) Numbering of map sheets:
In the case of the 1:1000 and 1:2000 scale maps: numbering of national system determined according to the EOTR must be applied. The 1:10 000 scale index map doesn't get national sheet numbering. If the settlement covers more, than one sheet, the sheets get serial numbers.

f) Size of a map sheet: A1: 59.4 x 84.0 cm

g) Size of a sheet frame:

h) Data carrier:
It is a plane carrier of base of non shrinkable, resistant and easily to store paper or synthetic material. Its allowable change of size: parallel with the sides of sheet 0.2 mm, in diameter 0.3 mm.

i) Contents:
One sheet of map contains the following elements in compliance of the Statutes or its version to be modified in the future:

j) Drawing:
The presentation by drawing of the objects is carried out according to Appendix II. of the Statutes F.7. This prescribes the legend equivalent of the point objects, type of line, thickness and colour of the line object and surface object boundaries, the surface filling in elements of the surface objects and the lettering rules of texts, annotations. For presentation of the objects not contained in it but prescribed in the DAT is given instruction in the version of the Statutes F.7. to be modified in the future.

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