8.2. Presentation other than standard

Due to user's viewpoints and thematical requirements the system, structure and contents of the presentation may differ from the standard. Such can be e.g. the presentation more suitable for documentation or demonstration on A4 or A3 format shrinkable, paper, use of smaller scale (e.g. 1:500, 1: 20 000), representation of reduced contents drawing of area differing from the sheet size (e.g. just some parcel, block or a strip of linear facility), etc.

Of the cases differing from the standard presentation those are accepted by this standard, which satisfy the requirements according to the rules as follows:

a) Presentation of the data quality information characterizing the database DAT on the level of the region or thematics presented differently is compulsory.

b) In case of divergencies related to change of sheet the place of the changed particulars of sheet or map is to be presented on explanatory illustrations with reference to areal units of bigger extent than its own (e.g. boundary of block, lay, settlement, county or state or standard boundaries of sheet).

c) It is a general rule, that any divergency from the standard presentation is be presented on the sheet map.

d) In the case of a change in the projection system the parameters and distortions of the projection, technique, accuracy and date as well as the identification data of the executing organization are to be given.

e) In case of change of scale the real scale is to be given, in case of reduction, however, the technique degree, accuracy of the applied generalization and the identification data of the executing organization.

f) In case of a change of the sheet line system the principle of the new sheet system and sheet numbering as well as the sizes of map sheet and the frame of sheet are to be given. Besides the letterings out of the sheet frame and the auxiliary drawings must be adjusted to the changed sheet line system.

g) In case of divergency of the contents within the frame from the standard one the name of either the presented or the left out objects groups and classes must be contained in the letterings out of sheet frame.

Alteration of the rules of the legend and the map letterings are not supported by this standard.

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