3.1.8 Meteorology

TR-209I. course 2. semesterMeteorology2+0exam grade

The history of meteorology.
Development, contents and structure of the atmosphere.
Atmospheric radiation. Basic laws, elements.
Balance of energy in the atmosphere. Basic states of the atmosphere. Basic thermodynamics of dry and humid air.
Temperature and humidity characteristics used in meteorology.
Structure of meteorological information, communication. Meteorological maps.
Microphysics of cloud- and precipitation-forming, types of clouds and precipitation.
Effective forces in the atmosphere, equilibrium streams.
Analysing atmospherical processes by scale. Constructional questions about general circulation models.
The polar-front theory, jet-streams, airmasses and fronts. Cyclones and anticyclones, atmospherical fronts.
Tropical cyclones, monsoon-circulation. Mesoscale processes in the atmosphere.
Climatology. Elements of the climatic system. Possible changes in climate.
Climate-classifying. Types of climate-classifying systems.
Climate of Hungary.

- Plotting a synoptic chart
- Climatic characterization of a country with texts and maps
- Constructing a climate graph

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