3.1.6 Geophysics

TR-307II. course 1. semesterGeophysics2+0exam grade

Elastic stress, elastic deformation, elastic wave.
Seismic waves: direct and indirect waves.
Seisms: origin time, epicentre, location of seismic focus; distribution of earthquakes. Intensity and magnitude.
The structure of the Earth's interior: crust, mantle, core.
General gravitational attraction, gravitational attractional potential field strength, gravitational force field, spherical functions.
The earth's shape and gravitational space; physical methods of detecting the earth's shape.

TR-407II. course 2. semesterGeophysics2+0university exam grade

? Changes of the gravitational force field, tide, changes of rotational angular velocity.
Gravitational basic network, gravimeters, gravitational measurements.
Dipole magnetic fields; isodinam, isoclin and isogon maps.
Changes of the magnetic field, periodic and aperiodic changes.
Ionosphere, magnetosphere.
? Theories for the origin of the magnetic field and reasons of changes.
Hungarian magnetic basic network, magnetic observatories, magnetic measurements.

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