3.1.4 Geology

TR-105I. course 1. semesterGeology2+1discussion session grade
exam grade

General mineralogy. Crystallography, detecting crystallization systems (on models).
Detailed mineralogy. Sulfides, oxides, sulfates, carbonates. Visiting József Szabó's collection.
Petrography, describing rocks.
Igneous rocks. The interior structure of the Earth.
Volcanic landforms: Kilimanjaro, Mongolia.
Metamorphic rocks, grading, description.
Sedimentary rocks. Erosion, weathering, denudation, diagenezis. Classifying.
General paleontology. Historical synopsis. Biofacies, biostratigraphy. Paleoecology. Evolution.
Famous paleontological sites (Solnhofen, Holzmaden), national examples.
Detailed paleontology. Paleobotany, taxonomy. Paleozoology, taxonomy.
Geological elements (formation, stratotype, stratigraphy, zone, facies, concordancy, disconcordancy). Fundamental laws of geology. Identifying fossils.
Geohistorical research methods, paleomagnetic method, radiometric dating.
Isostasy, transgression, regression. Mountain ranges: Himalaya, Pamir.

TR-205I. course 2. semesterGeology2+1discussion session grade
exam grade

Mountain building. Tectonical elements, epirogenesis, orogenesis, tectogenesis. Mountain ranges: Andes, Alps.
Plate tectonics. Using mining compass.
Geomorphology. Surface landforms. Regions of Hungary. Adopting geological studies in cartography.
Sedimentation sceneries on firm ground. Sedimentation in rivers, lakes, swamps, deserts and glacial areas.
Marinal sedimentation.
Geohistory of the Precambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cainozoic era (paleogeography, mountain building, climate, flora and fauna). Hungary in the Mesozoic and Cainozoic era.
Geological protection of the environment.
Sections of applied and mechanical geology.

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