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 4th International Symposium of the ICA Commisssion on the History of Cartography

 Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary, 28-29 June, 2012

REGISTRATION : the Registration Form is already available from the website.

All symposium participants should register. Presenters must register before May 15, 2012. In case of a multi-author papers, only the first presenter/speaker should register and the other authors may register as accompanying persons. If  more than one person would accompany you please, use another from (with your name included) for each additional person.

Form our website you can download

1. the form in PDF to print it (you need a PDF reader software installed on your computer) and you can complete the form manually,

2. or you can download an electronic form to fill in on your computer. (To be able to fill in the form you need a newer version of Adobe Acrobat free software.)

The completed Registration and Reservation Form can be mailed or faxed to Aktiv Tours, or it can be scanned and sent as an e-mail attachment to them.

Alternatively, the Registration and Reservation form can be faxed to them at: (+36)-1-214-6260. 

When completing the form please, fill in all the required fields and, if it is asked, indicate the number of persons participating. If you do not wish to participate please, enter '0'.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or by credit card (only Visa and Mastercard are accepted).

If you pay by credit card the Registration and Reservation Form should be signed first and mailed, faxed (with complete credit card information and signature) or sent by e-mail to Aktiv Tours.

Please, send only one registration at one time. Aktiv Tours will confirm the receipt of your Registration and your registration and reservations  are valid only  after  this  confirmation. ( Please, allow 10 days before you contact them and check your reservation status.)

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Aktiv Tours Kft,
H–1065 Budapest, NagymezĹ‘ utca 54-56
Tel.: +36.1.214 6262; Fax.: +36.1.214 6260;
Contact person: Ms. Eszter Hanácsek
Our partner in making arrangements for the symposium is Aktiv Tours Ltd, Budapest. This firm is a reliable local travel agency and we recommend their services with regard to your travel,  accommodation, and other touristic programmes. See: Meetings/Programmes/Tours



Registration Form (PDF) 


Registration Form to fill in electronically (PDF)