[ISHMap-List] 2nd REMINDER: 2018 ISHMap Membership

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Sat Jan 13 13:26:45 CET 2018

* Dear Members, Friends and Colleagues,*

You still have a few days to complete the process and *renew your ISHMap
membership* for 2018 or *join the renewed society*. The established process
is the ONLY way how your ISHMap membership status and voting right can be
confirmed.  To solve the constitutional crisis of the International Society
of the Map (ISHMap) we have suggested an online election, *open to
everybody* who would like to be a MEMBER and protect the spirit of the
international scholarly society. Only a democratic election gives strong
legitimacy to new leadership and results in the broad consensus we need to
ensure the future of the organization.

Please note that *ONLY *those who renew/register before* January 15, 2018*
(and make payment before January 22, 2018) can be considered *voting
members*. They *elect new society officers online* - and participate in
future decisions regarding fundamental society matters. Of course, you can
join ISHMap later anytime if you wished so.

*Renewal procedure: *

   - *to renew or register for 2018* please click on *'MEMBERSHIP' in the
   main menu of the Society's website* <http://ishm.elte.hu/?q=membership>
   - if you already *have a persona*l account on the ISHMap site *log in *to
   renew using the button '*MEMBERS LOGIN*' on the right.
   - If you are a* new member* you should *register*
   <http://ishm.elte.hu/?q=user/register> on the ISHMap site first, and
   follow the instructions sent to your e-mail to be able to log in
   - if you are in the website's *Member's Area*,  please click on '€˜*MY
   ACCOUNT*' (in the members menu on the right) and* check the
information *given
   in your personal account
   - *confirm *that you would remain a member for 2018 (*tick* appropriate
   - AND *enter* your *contact e-mail address *into the empty field, and
   check the validity and/ or update your personal information
* and SAVE your changes *
   - now log out and return to the *Membership page
   <http://ishm.elte.hu/?q=membership>* *and continue the process with Step
   - simply click on the PAYPAL €˜'Donate'€™ icon (appearing below the
   instructions and explanation on the webpage) * to make payment *
   - you do *not* need to have a PayPal account and can use any major
   credit card for secure online payment. Note that without this
   *confirmation* of identity we cannot consider your registration.

Registrations will be validated after the receipt of your nominal *donation
by PayPal,* which is considered to be the membership fee for 2018.

Once you have completed both simple steps we confirm your membership, you
will be granted access to the Members€™ Area on the website and you can
post information directly to the website's frontpage. As an ISHMap member
you will have further benefits offered for members only. If you have any
problem regarding the process, please contact the Membership Secretary.

Practical information on this simple and tested, two-step process is
available on this *society's webpage* <http://ishm.elte.hu/?q=membership>.

For the *necessity of the democratic renewal *of the International Society
of the Map (ISHMap) *see *more details here.


*ISHMap Renewal Team*


******************************************The International Society for the
History of the Map


a vírusoktól. www.avast.com
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