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The Rocky Mountain Map Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the
study and appreciation of maps and other items of cartographic interest. 

The Society was formed in 1991 and is based in Denver, Colorado.





Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - Joseph Kerski:  


"The 100 Most Revolutionary Discoveries in the Field of Geography"


Joseph Kerski


5:30 PM at Denver Public Library, 5th Floor, Gates Room  

Free and open to the Public


Annual Meeting: Tuesday March 20 - dues are due.  Guest speaker: Kathy
Olkin, "The Mapping of Pluto and Its Moons."

RMMS Annual Map Month, "Maps and War" at DPL, Conference Room B2, on
Tuesdays May 1, 8, 15, and 22, 2018.  Stay tuned for further information.




What would you include in this list?  Join Geographer Joseph Kerski as we
explore his list, revealing how critical Geography is in the 21st Century.
Some discoveries were historical moments with a significant impact on our
understanding of our world, including specific maps, technologies, and
explorers of ancient times.  Others led to the founding of organizations
such as U.S.G.S, and for the exploration of new frontiers in digital
mapping, surveying, remote sensing, crowdsourcing, and the Internet of
Things.  Some of the items in the list may be expected; others might
surprise you.

Joseph Kerski is Education Manager for Environmental Systems Research
Institute (Esri).  He served for 21 years as Geographer at the USGS and at
the US Census Bureau.  He teaches GIS at the University of Denver, other
universities, in K-12 schools, and in online courses.  Joseph holds three
degrees in Geography.  He fosters educational partnerships, promotes GIS in
education and society through service and scholarship, creates GIS-based
curricula, teaches courses on geotechnology, and conducts research in the
effectiveness and implementation of GIS in education




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