[ISHMap-List] Announcing our March 21 RMMS Meeting at DPL

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Wed Jan 25 18:33:40 CET 2017


Note: This is also our annual RMMS meeting, so membership dues will be due.


The Rocky Mountain Map Society is a non-profit organization 

dedicated to the study and appreciation of maps and other items 

of cartographic interest. The Society was formed in 1991 and is 

based in Denver, Colorado.



March 21, 2017 - Professor John Kessell:  

"Whither the Waters: Mapping the Great Basin 

from Bernardo de Miera to John C. Fremont"



5:30 PM at Denver Public Library 

Fifth Floor, Gates Room


This program is free and open to the community.

A Professor Emeritus of History at University of New Mexico, John Kessell
founded the Vargas Project, something of a Southwestern Adams Papers to
publish the Journals of don Diego de Vargas, New Mexico's refounding father
in the late seventeenth century (6 vols., UNM Press, 1989-2002).  His most
recent book is Miera y Pacheco: A Renaissance Spaniard in Eighteenth-Century
New Mexico (U. of Oklahoma Press, 2013).  He lives near Durango within sight
of a Miera campsite dating from August 1776.


"When first asked what influence Miera's famed 1778 map of the
Dominguez-Escalante expedition had on subsequent cartography of the region,
I hadn't a clue.  A great deal, it turns out, resulting especially from
Miera's faulty hydrography.  The likes of Humboldt, Pike, and Tanner, all
contributed to the myth: just get yourself to the Great Salt Lake, choose
your river, and paddle to California.  Such a delusion!"



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