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Dear members of International Society for the History of the Map (ISHM) and
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This thrice-yearly journal with articles on maps, the history of
cartography, and exploration is the only journal of its kind in the
Americas.   Below is information on the Spring 2017 issue recently published
and mailed.   See http://www.washmapsociety.org/TPJ2.htm  for details on
ordering the current or past issues of “The Portolan”.  That link also takes
the reader to the contents list of all back issues and an index to those
issues.  The focus of the society and the journal is not solely Washington;
topics are widespread in scope. 


ISSUE 98 (SPRING 2017)
Issue 98 (Spring 2017), consisting of 80 pages, was published in March 2017
and is in distribution to all paid subscribers and members in good standing
of the Washington Map Society.  Copies are available for purchase.


2016 Ristow Prize Winner ANA DEL CID MENDOZA explores orientalist
cartographies, with emphasis on Granada and the Alhambra in Spain.  MATTHEW
GILMORE describes the impact of Frederick Law Olmsted and the Olmsted Firm
had on the current road system in Washington DC.  CHERYL LaROCHE uses maps
to explain the functioning of the Underground Railroad – routes taken
northward by American slaves to escape bondage during the US Civil War.
JOSEPH SCHIRÒ traces the pedigree of a fascinating atlas.  BERT JOHNSON
shares the most recent news from the upcoming ICHC in Brazil.  RALPH
EHRENBERG receives tributes on his retirement, and PAULETTE HASIER, his
successor at the Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress, is
introduced and interviewed.  There are two book reviews, and more..



"The Portolan" is published three times per year; issue 99 is due for
release in late August 2017.



CONTENTS OF ISSUE 98 – Spring 2017

“Orientalist Cartographies: Granada and the Alhambra” by Ana del Cid Mendoza

“The Olmsteds and the Development of the Permanent System of Highways for
the District of Columbia” by Matthew B. Gilmore 

“Mapping the Underground Railroad” by Cheryl Janifer LaRoche 

“Ex libris, Jean Frédéric Oberlin: The Atlas with a great pedigree” by
Joseph Schirò

“ICHC 27 – Belo Horizonte Update” by Bert Johnson

“Ralph Ehrenberg Retires from the Library of Congress” complied by Ed
Redmond and Mike Buscher

“Dr. Paulette Marie Hasier, New Chief, Geography & Map Division, Library of

“The Washington Map Society Interview with Dr. Paulette Hasier” by Richard


This regular feature, a bibliographic listing of articles and books
appearing worldwide on antique maps and globes and the history of
cartography, is compiled by Joel Kovarsky. 



 <http://www.brill.com/products/book/enigma-origin-portolan-charts> The
Enigma of the Origin of Portolan Charts. A Geodetic Analysis of the
Hypothesis of a Medieval Origin    (Reviewer: Richard Pflederer)

Dury & Andrews’ Map of Hertfordshire – Society and Landscape in the
Eighteenth Century    (Reviewer: Michael Wood) 



1.     President’s Spring 2017 Letter

2.     Washington Map Society Meetings:  April – December 2017   

3.     Exhibitions and Meetings

4.     Map Site Seeing 

5.     Ristow Prize Competition 2017 

6.     WMS Members Map Evening, January 12, 2017, by Bert Johnson

7.     Cartographic Notes, by Thomas Sander

8.     Spotlight on the WMS Membership – David Y. Allen, Murray Hudson,
Cliff Nelson 

9.     Passing of Rodney Shirley




MIKE BUSCHER is with the Geography and Map Division, Library of Congress.

ANA DEL CID MENDOZA is the winner of the Washington Map Society’s 2016
Ristow Prize for Academic Achievement in the History of Cartography.  In
recent years, she has engaged in several collaborative research projects on
the archeology of the Alhambra, has been a Visiting Scholar at Università
degli Studi Roma Tre (2013) and Columbia University (2014), and a Professor
of Urban History at E.T.S. Arquitectura, Universidad de Granada.

MATTHEW GILMORE is an independent scholar who specializes in the history of
Washington, DC and the metro area. 

BERT JOHNSON is a past president of WMS.  He has attended the last nine
ICHC’s and looks forward to Belo Horizonte.

JOEL KOVARSKY, proprietor of The Prime Meridian: Antique Maps & Books, is
the author of the 2014 book “The True Geography of Our Country: Jefferson's
Cartographic Vision.”

Archaeologist and cultural heritage specialist CHERYL JANIFER LaROCHE, Ph.
D., has researched and mapped African American History and the Underground
Railroad sites for the past twenty years.   

RICHARD PFLEDERER is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of “The
Portolan”. He is the author of “Finding their Way at Sea”, the Commentary
accompanying the recent facsimile edition of the Andrea Benincasa Atlas of
1476 and several reference books on the subject of portolan charts. 

ED REDMOND, President of the Washington Map Society, is with the Geography
and Map Division, Library of Congress.

THOMAS SANDER is Editor of “The Portolan”.

JOSEPH SCHIRÒ, Honorary Secretary of the Malta Map Society, is a book and
paper conservator.

MICHAEL WOOD, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army, Geospatial Engineer is the U.S.
Army Geospatial Information and Services Officer.  He is a graduate of the
Royal School of Military Survey in England and is certified as a Universal
Geospatial Intelligence Professional by the United States Geospatial
Intelligence Foundation.  


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