[ISHMap-List] ICHC 2017 - Session proposal (until October 29th) --- "Imaginary and desired hydrography in the Americas"

Quentin Morcrette quentin.morcrette at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 00:31:56 CEST 2016

Dear colleagues,
please find bellow a call for participants to a coordinated session for the
next International Conference on the History of Cartography, to be held in
Brazil in 2017.

Theme : Mapping practices in the New Worlds.
Session title: "Imaginary and desired hydrography in the Americas"

Maps have a critical importance in the way we understand, imagine and act
in the world, should they represent real or imagined geographical features.
But, maps can describe the landscape peculiarities of fully imaginary lands
to help visualize the geographical appearances of imagined or transformed
places, working simultaneously as allegorical representations of idealized
or mythical places (Besse, 2005), and as models of desired geographies.

The significance of imaginary places and desired geographies in the history
of cartography has been underlined by many scholars. It has been noted that
imaginary places have tended to disappear from maps after the 18th century
(Harvey 1980, Laboulais et al. 2005, etc), when they were replaced by white
spaces or places mapped from actual surveys.
In this session we’d like to draw the attention on this subject by
analyzing the particular role of imaginary or desired water elements as
cartographical inventions. The goal of this session is, thus, to bring
together studies about mythical, imaginary or desired hydrographies in the
Americas, in order to identify the meaning of imaginary water features, and
to question the place hydrographical features in geographical imagination.

All presentations are welcomed. Maps of mythical places, interpretations of
hydrographic networks, allegorical representations, etc., might be
considered. They might deal with either "western" or "native"
cartographical traditions, and must concern the Americas.

If you didn't summit a paper for the ICHC yet, and are interested in
participating to this session, you are very welcome to send us a
communication proposal (by October *29th*). The final coordinated session
proposal must be send by October 30th.

All the best.

Sebastian Diaz <sebdiaz2004 at gmail.com>
Quentin Morcrette <quentin.morcrette at gmail.com>

*Quentin Morcrette*
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