[ISHMap-List] Search for a new Treasurer for ISHMap

Sarah TYACKE styacke at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 29 11:22:37 CEST 2016

Members will be aware of the great contribution our present treasurer 
Sonali Siriwardena has made  as  treasurer of the Society since it was 
founded  founded in 2011 at London ( University of London) She will step 
down shortly as treasurer and the Society is seeking a new treasurer to 
take her place.  As you may know  the Society is run  by volunteer 
academics and others from  across the world. Its remit  is for the 
advancement of the subject of the history of the  map  at all periods 
and  in all countries.
  It  has a website for member subscriptions via Paypal and  news etc 
which is hosted by the Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics, 
Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest Hungary. See http://ishm.elte.hu/ 
for all the news etc.
It has a ListServ as well which is open to all scholars and those 
interested in old maps to exchange information etc.,whether they are 
members or not ( our charitable public service function).
  The Society's  main advantage as yet is to offer a discounted price 
for the journal/Imago Mund/i to its members each year, in collaboration 
with the directors of /Imago Mundi /and  the publishers Taylor and 
Francis. As you will know already it puts on free symposia (Paris 2014, 
Lisbon 2016 ) on the subject for members and for others who are 
interested, - again in line with its charitable purposes.This done in 
collaboration with the relevant institutions and universities in each 
country to whom we are very grateful. The programme of the  present 
symposium to be held in Lisbon 3-4 June 2016 is online at 
http://ishm.elte.hu/ in case you have missed it.
The work involved as treasurer is onerous but requires expertise of 
course.The bank account is held in London at present and the work is 
entirely or mostly by e-mail with the team in Budapest. The usual duties 
of a treasurer apply and we have a 'responsible person' who does our 
audit each year.
   As chair I am now beginning the search for a successor treasurer. If 
you are interested please contact me directly in the first instance.
  With all good wishes,
  Sarah Tyacke
Chair ISHMap
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