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...thanks to the extensive archive section on Barry Ruderman's web site:




New question... Can anyone explain those absurd boundaries? For example,
the NC/VA boundary has always been an east--->west line of latitude, and
had actually been surveyed in 1728 and 1749, well before these bizarre maps
were printed. Though of lesser interest to me, I find it most peculiar that
Maryland and New Jersey each have shoelines on the Great Lakes.

Thanks in advance for enlightening me.

Jay L.

On Friday, January 15, 2016, Jay L <carolinararemaps at gmail.com> wrote:

> ISHMappers,
> There is an 18th century (small?) map of (eastern?) North America/US that
> shows the North Carolina/Virginia boundary curving north towards what is
> now Michigan, and the NC/SC boundary curving north into what is now
> Illinois.
> Thanks for your help.
> Jay Lester
> North Carolina Map Blog <http://blog.ncmaps.org/>

Jay Lester
North Carolina Map Blog <http://blog.ncmaps.org/>
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