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The Rocky Mountain Map Society is a non-profit organization 

dedicated to the study and appreciation of maps and other items 

of cartographic interest. The Society was formed in 1991 

and is based in Denver, Colorado.




February 23, 2016:  Lorraine Sherry – 

“Lithuania and the Baltic States: 

Welcome to NATO and the Euro Zone!”


Lorraine Sherry


5:30 PM at Denver Public Library, 5th Floor

Gates Room


This program and exhibit is free and open to the community.

After centuries of occupation by Russia, Prussia and Poland, the tiny nation
of Lithuania – once the largest nation in Eastern Europe in the 14th century
– finally gained her independence in 1991.  But even after creating a stable
democratic republic and a viable economic system, joining NATO and the
European Union along with her sister Baltic States in 2004, and adopting the
Euro in 2015, the threat of Russian aggression still looms large in the
minds of her people.  Her recently re-elected president, Dalia Grybauskaitė,
has requested more NATO assistance and American F-15 fighter jets, saying
“…Ukraine is first, Moldova will be next, and finally perhaps the Baltic
States and Poland.”    

What makes this little country strategically located?  What are its history,
its culture, and its aspirations - and why should we care about it? RMMS
Secretary, Lorraine Sherry, a third-generation Lithuanian-American, will
explore some of these issues in her presentation.  She will also bring along
several antique maps from her personal collection.

Lorraine has her Ph.D. from the University of Colorado along with Master’s
degrees in physics, technology, and education.  She is a volunteer course
leader at The Academy for Lifelong Learning in Greenwood Village, where she
has facilitated two courses in “The Power of Maps” plus several courses in
music and historic landscape design.  A former Colorado Master Gardener, she
has helped map areas in her HOA townhome subdivision for ongoing landscape
improvements.  She also sings with the Boulder Messiah Festival every



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