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February 4, 2016


Well, Punxsutawney Phil did NOT see his shadow, so we look forward to seeing
you at our forthcoming RMMS presentations at Denver Public Library in
(hopefully) nice weather.


Winter presentations begin with "Lithuania and the Baltic States" on
February 23rd by Lorraine Sherry.  Could Lithuania, Latvia, & Estonia become
the next "mice that roared," or another Ukraine?  Sandwiched between Europe
and Russia, and founded in the Middle Ages, these tiny nations were
conquered by their various neighbors over many centuries.  They finally
gained their independence around the time of Perestroika and Glasnost.
They're our NATO allies, so we'd like to introduce you to this strategic
area - with an exhibit of antique maps.


On March 29th, we again welcome geologist John Lindemann, who will present
us with a world view of Earth with its ocean floors.  If you think climate
change is a controversial issue today, then try to remember back to the
1960's and 1970s when tectonic plate drift was just a theory!


Chris Lane is planning an imaginative program for Map Month 2016 at Denver
Public Library in May and June, with the theme of "Mythology on Maps."
These "Illusions, Delusions and Confusions" include themes such as sea
monsters, mapmaking and mythmaking, a couple of bodies of water that never
existed, and cartographic myths of the American West.  All talks will take
place on Monday nights in May and June, so please check
<http://www.RMMaps.org> www.RMMaps.org for updates.


Jim Hensinger will invite RMMS members and their friends to another
"Cartifacts" event at his clubhouse in Westminster in late summer.  The past
three "Cartifacts" have been popular events, so please be thinking about
sharing your map-related artifacts at this popular social event.


Please take the time to look at  <http://www.RMmaps.org> www.RMmaps.org for
the latest updates on RMMS activities.  We also have a Facebook page - just
search for "Rocky Mountain Map Society" on Facebook, and no, you don't have
to be a Facebook member to see it.


Lorraine Sherry, Secretary


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