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Apologies for cross-cross posting (which I've never done before, and hope I'm doing correctly); this item could obviously be of value to some cartohistorians.

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 Apologies for cross posting, but many will be interested in reading the primary sources related to the Longitude Problem in the 18th-19th centuries.  

>The Minute Books of the Bureau des Longitudes for the period 1795-1832 
>can now be consulted online.
>The site presents the minutes of meetings of the Bureau des Longitudes 
>between 1795 and 1932, containing 22000 digital files.
>The Bureau des Longitudes was founded on 25 June 1795 and still exists 
>today. From its foundation, and until 1854, it maintained the 
>management of the Observatoire de Paris. Its mission was also to 
>improve longitude determination at sea and to form a consultative 
>committee of scientific and technological expertise for the State. In 
>particular, it was charged with calculation of ephemerides and 
>publication of the Connaissance des Temps and the Annuaire du Bureau 
>des Longitudes. In 1877 and 1949 it also published the Annales du Bureau des Longitudes.
>The online resource is the outcome of a collaboration between the 
>Bureau des Longitudes, the Library of the Observatoire de Paris and the 
>Laboratoire d'histoire des sciences et de philosophie - Archives Henri 
>Poincaré. It was made possible thanks to a grant from the Ministère de 
>l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche (programme BSN5-2013) and 
>the support of the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Lorraine, and thanks 
>too to the skills of the engineers Julien Müller and Pierre Couchet.
>The files presented are subject to a Creative Commons license CC-BY-SA 
>3.0 FR.
>The Minute Books for the years 1795-1854 are in image mode and in full 
>text thanks to transcriptions by Jean-Marie Feurtet. Transcriptions for 
>the following years 1855-1932 are underway.
>You are invited to explore this historic archive. To send comments 
>contact Martina Schiavon (martina.schiavon at univ-lorraine.fr) and 
>Laurent Rollet
>(laurent.rollet at univ-lorraine.fr) 

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