[ISHMap-List] Notice of an excellent, but unpublicized, cartobibliography

Douglas Sims dougsims1945 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 13 04:35:25 CEST 2015

 Dear ISHMappers,  I have recently obtained a copy of a very well done and useful work which seems to have received little if any publicity: 'Sicilia 1477-1861.  La collezione Spagnolo-Palermo in Quattro secoli di cartografia' [Napoli], 2014.  It is in 2 good sized oblong volumes, ca. 25 x 32 cm.  It is continuously paginated, with 753 pages, and includes 389 entries, each including a high quality reproduction.  Besides the extensive cartobibliographical description, the entries contain comprehensive commentary.  It is a very worthwhile investment.  No true cartobibliography of maps of Sicily has been produced since that in Antonino Enrile's 'Primo saggio di cartografia della regione siciliana' (Palermo, 1908), which is quite limited in scope, and contains numerous errors.  I have heard no mention of Valerio's useful work, and I got notice of it only by chance.  Because of numerous pressing obligations, I have not been able to keep up with the usual cartobibliographies of late, and it may have received mention, but in personal communications with persons who would be expected to know this work, no I have encountered no inkling of it.

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