[ISHMap-List] Extension of deadline to 31 Dec 2015 for ISMap Lisbon Symposium 3-4 June 2016

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  Dear all,

 Call for Papers for the 3rd Symposium of the International Society for the
History of the Map (ISHMap) on 3rd/4th June, 2016 ‘Encounters and
Translations: Mapping and Writing the Waters of the World’
The Third ISHMap symposium will be held on Friday, 3rd and Saturday, 4th
June 2016 at the National Library of Portugal in Lisbon, Auditório BNP. The
Organising Committee is composed of ISHMap, in collaboration with the
“Centro Interuniversitario das Ciencias e da Tecnologia” (CIUHCT,
University of Lisbon) and the “Biblioteca National de Portugal” (BNP).
Local organizer: Thomas Horst (Trustee of ISHMap and Postdoc at the
CIUHCT). Representatives of the local partners: Antonio Sanchez Martinez
(CIUHCT), João Carlos García (University of Porto and CIUHCT) and Maria
Joaquina Esteves Feijão (Curator of the Maps at the National Library of
Portugal). The Scientific Committee, responsible for the content of the
academic programme: Antti Jakobson (ISHMap trustee, Finland), Júnia
Ferreira Furtado (ISHMap trustee, Brazil), Mary Sponberg Pedley (ISHMap
member, USA), Petra Svatek (ISHMap trustee, Austria) and Emmanuelle Vagnon
(ISHMap trustee, France).
 Proposals for papers to be delivered at the Symposium should be on the
subject of the symposium “Encounters and Translations: Mapping and Writing
the Waters of the World”. The paper can be from any period in history and
may take the term “encounters and translations” in a broad sense. It covers
hydrographical maps and charts. The term water includes seas, oceans,
rivers, lakes and the ice. Suggested topics for a paper might be: -from
original sketches and drafts to publication -translation of knowledge from
one country to another -the indigenous input -cross-cultural influence in
mapmaking -the role of networks in the production of hydrographical maps
and any other aspect of hydrographical mapmaking. *Paper proposals
requirements Titles and Abstracts of papers (up to 350 words) should be
submitted electronically by 31 December, 2015 to the ISHMap website at
http://ishm.elte.hu <http://ishm.elte.hu>. Notification of the results of
selection will be in the end of January 2016. Practical arrangements The
symposium is open to all interested in the subject. There is no fee. *All
papers on two days (morning and afternoon) will be given in English; each
presentation will be allotted 20 minutes. Sufficient discussion time for
the symposium participants will follow. The Annual General Meeting of
ISHMap will take place on Friday, 3rd June 2016 after the papers of the
first day.
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