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There are wind faces surrounding relief sculptures of both a terrestrial and a celestial globe that are part of the funerary monument of Tommaso Rangone on the facade of the church of San Giuliano, Venice, c. 1558-1560.  They flank the bronze statue of Rangone as part of a fictive study space.
The terrestrial globe is encircled by 7 wind faces; the 8th one that would be at the top is not included.
The slightly larger celestial globe is encircled by 15 wind faces; again, what would be the 16th at the top is left out.
I understand that the wind faces reference God’s breath or spirit in the Bible in the case of the celestial globe.

I need help finding celestial maps from the sixteenth century or earlier that show wind faces around either hemisphere.
I am also at a loss to account for the difference in the number of wind heads for each globe. Why not 8 around each one? I read somewhere that 8 or 12 wind heads would be the norm in celestial maps, if wind heads are shown. There must be a precedent for the 16 shown here.

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