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Forwarding to the list a reply by Francisco Domingues, who inadvertently
emailed it only to my address.

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Thank you for the information. May I add that this is the third of a
series, the second you can find the info on the same website (although it
is not avalable), the first not even that:

*Cartografía Medieval Hispánica. Imagen de un mundo en construcción*, ed.
Mariano Cuesta Domingo y Alfredo Surroca Carrascosa. Madrid, Real Sociedad
Geográfica, 2009.

*Cartografía Hispánica. Imagen de un mundo en crecimiento 1503-1810*, ed.
Mariano Cuesta Domingo y Alfredo Surroca Carrascosa. Madrid, Real Sociedad
Geográfica, 2010.
Best regards,

Francisco Contente Domingues
Full Professor at the Department of History
Faculty of Humanities
University of Lisbon
Alameda da Universidade
1600-214 Lisboa

On 11 Apr 2015, at 23:16, Luis Robles <luis.a.robles.macias at gmail.com>

Apologies for posting a news about a non-English language publication, but
I thought it may be of interest for those dealing with the history of
cartography in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Spanish ministry of Defense has announced the publication of a
collective work coordinated by Mariano Cuesta Domingo and entitled *Cartografía
Hispánica: 1800-1975. Una cartografía inestable en un mundo convulso*.

The book, around 700 pages long, covers the cartography practised over
those two centuries in Spain and Portugal, including their respective
overseas possessions in Africa, America and the Pacific.

It can be ordered (paper version only) at the following site:

Luis A. Robles Macías

Profile in Academia.edu
Blog: http://historiaymapas.wordpress.com/

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